Pairings: to each recipe, its wine

Jul 3 2016, 07:00 | by Gambero Rosso

There are many ways to enjoy a great meal. One of these is certainly finding the perfect food/wine match. Here are some combinations you can try to surprise your guests.

Avocado Cannellone

Giulio Ferrari Ris. del Fondatore Collezione 1995 | Ferrari | Trento (TN) |

The best vintage year for Maso Pianizza: very few grapes but excellent ones, natural thinning of the bunches, pronounced temperature excursions – the first vintage of the Collezione began like that. Opulent and elegant, it echoes the fatness of the avocado and the cheese, then helps along the sweetness with notes of acacia honey. Its minerality cleans the mouth elegantly. Great wine – very great.

The Rice

A.A. Bianco Beyond the Clouds 2014| Elena Walch | Termeno/Tramin (BZ) |

Walch’s dream wine: it brings together the best bunches from the winery’s vineyards (mostly chardonnay). With its breadth and acidity, it pairs well with the sumptuousness of the shrimp and the sweet acidity of the tomato, as well as with the smaller players: olive oil, olives, aromatic herbs. A game of opposites destined for each other.

Cinta senese pork belly

Chianti Cl. Ama 2011 | Castello di Ama | Gaiole in Chianti (SI) |

Once again, sumptuous spiciness in the pork, opulence and farm flavors, sapidity and hot-sour notes. A classic like this 2011 from Castello di Ama goes well here: a territorial and concrete, harmonious pairing. Balsamic, spicy, opulent, the flavors marry well and contrast at the same time, right up to the clean, elegant tannin on the finish that suavely cleans the palate.

Yogurt semifreddo

Cristina V.T. 2008 | Roeno| Brentino Belluno (VR) |

“A late harvest wine with explosive aromas of citrus fruit that wrap the palate sweetly and harmoniously. Extraordinary acidic support gives the wine interminable progression.” This was the reason why Cristina won the 2012 Special Award for Best Sweet Wine in Gambero Rosso’s Vini d’Italia. It explains why this is such an incredible, fantastic pairing.









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