Napa Valley. Record auction for Harvest Stomp: over 2 million dollars collected

Sep 26 2018, 07:55 | by Gambero Rosso

Harvest Stomp is one of the most exciting events for wine lovers in Napa Valley. It helps to protect and preserve the uniqueness of the excellent local vineyards. Here is the program of the 11th edition. 


It's certainly one of the most anticipated events in all of Napa Valley. This year, in its eleventh edition, the famous Harvest Stomp managed to collect the record amount of 2 million dollars in a single evening, in which 575 guests took part.

The lively, characteristic and colorful auction of fine wines, between the sweet smell of cigars and roast meat at the barbecue, is organized by Napa Valley Grapegrowers, the association that brings together over 700 winemakers and is currently the largest in the US wine-growing district.

Purpose of the event? A noble one: helping to protect and preserve the uniqueness of the excellent vineyards in Napa County and the valuable agricultural work of this wine area. So far, thanks to funds managed by the Napa Valley Farmers' Foundation, more than 14,000 workers have benefited from the services offered, including training, safety and professional refresher courses, in addition to scholastic support.

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