In & Out. Desing for the house, the kitchen, the food and wine

Sep 28 2016, 12:01 | by Michela Becchi

Inside or out? In warmer weather, those differences fade. We want to be outdoors more, and when we’re inside, we like to feel as if we’re not. In&Out is the theme of this section dedicated to design for the home, the kitchen, for food and wine.

Pelota by Marcello Ziliani | Casprini| Cavriglia (AR) |

Ziliani’s seating designs are made in stainless steel and intended both for outdoors and inside the home. Different uses are reflected in different finishes, but for indoor seating, chair legs also can be in wood. Function is combined with extremely modern design, inspired by conceptual art and by the lines of the first classic avant-garde Italian art.

Labyrinth by Giulio Iacchetti | Ceramiche Refin | Casalgrande (RE) |

The separation between indoors and out is almost invisible. The Refin flooring designed by Iacchetti, called Labyrinth, aims to expand the idea of space. It brings indoors the atmosphere of Renaissance gardens and ancient Roman baths. The mosaic design and its Greek geometry evoke an ancient calidarium. “Designing a surface for me means trying to suggest simultaneously the concepts of both infinity and three dimensions,” comments the designer, who is inspired by the work of Dutch artist, M.C Escher.

Les Essentiels| Opinel| Chambéry | France |

Makers of an iconic French knife since the 19th century, Opinel celebrates with a new collection, Les Essentiels, in which classic lines embrace color and produce a young, informal object of desire. Especially in green or plum tones, these perfectly designed small kitchen knives are also comfortable outdoors for paring, peeling and cutting.

Wine Rack| Esigo| Dueville (VI) -

Among the various models, including 5 Floor, made in collaboration with Sanpatrignano (the 35-year-old drug rehabilitation community), we especially liked the informal, versatile and eco-friendly Esigo 8. Its modular design can adjust to any space requirements, including those of a boat. That version, in plexiglass, keeps the bottles safe and at the right temperature.


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