Gambero Rosso launches a new webtv and 3 social formats

Apr 1 2020, 15:37 | by Gambero Rosso
Recipes, food stories and more: the new webtv by Gambero boasts over 900 hours of episodes, recipes and anecdotes told by some of the greatest celebrities in this world.

Get all the best of Europe's first food and channel dedicated to food and wine, Gambero Rosso Channel, founded in 1999, in a new webtv accessible from all countries outside Italy. The new domain boasts over 900 hours of episodes, recipes, anecdotes, told by some of the greatest celebrities in this world, from Giorgione to Max Mariola to Igles Corelli. There are programs dedicated to individual products, such as Eleonora Baldwin's ABCheese who travels in search of the best dairy products in Italy, broadcasts to learn to appreciate wine and much more: a full immersion in Italian beauty and taste.

New social formats for Gambero Rosso

In addition to this, 3 new social formats have been conceived and launched on the international instagram and Facebook social platforms of Gambero Rosso. The first #AtHomeWithMarco with Marco Sabellico, curator of the Vini d’Italia guide by Gambero Rosso and great enthusiast and expert in bartending, shares his journey through the history of international mixology. Always on video, always from home, always guided by simple instructions, with Sabellico in the novel role of "your home personal bartender", to reveal "all the secrets and the easiest way to make the most beloved cocktails of all time" , with juicy historical references and skilled and precise gestures.

Message in a Bottle: wine tastings from home

The second format #MessageinaBottle provides wine tastings directly from home, to travel through the world of wine through its production areas, people and flavours of the soil. The first line of videos is dedicated to the special wines of Vini d’Italia 2020, those wines which, in addition to being awarded the Tre Bicchieri recognition, contain a very special and strong message. From bubbles of the year to the great sweet wine of the latest edition of the guide.

I Cook Italian: video recipes by Italian chefs

A format dedicated to cooking could not be missing, so with #ICookItalian the greatest Italian chefs awarded abroad in the Top Italian Restaurants guide share their video recipes in this complex moment: messages of optimism and resistance from all over the world, a way to stay close and connected even from home, listening with attention and curiosity to the little secrets of the chefs who make Italian cuisine great around the world.

Instagram: @gamberorossointernational


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