Franco Pepe’s pizza in Hong Kong for Kytaly. The city goes wild for the pizza from Caiazzo

Sep 20 2018, 05:51 | by Michela Becchi

Italian pizza master Franco Pepe is worldwide known for his delicious and perfect doughs. Now, it's time to bring his special pizza to Hong Kong. Here is his project. 


Pepe in Grani abroad

The pizzeria Pepe in Grani has deservedly become a reference point for professionals and customers coming from all over Italy and the world. Outside the perimeter of the small town in the Caserta province, however, Franco Pepe's pies are equally sought after: in addition to the Albereta, in Franciacorta, where the partnership that started two years ago is proceeding well, there is also a collaboration with Kytaly, a project of Italian dining born in Geneva from the initiative of the Bortesi family, which several years ago had the intuition of involving Pepe in the drafting of a menu dedicated to gourmet pizza paired with the menu.

From Switzerland to China

Now that the project is consolidated, the Swiss format will also debut in Hong Kong, where the second local Kytaly had its grand opening a few days ago, under the guidance of Alessandro Bortesi, who for the debut in Hong Kong partnered with Helene Gigot, persuaded to participate in the project just from the exclusivity of Franco Pepe's product. Moreover, the reception reserved to the pizza maker from the local news has been nothing short of warm.

The menu

The pizzeria menu offers 19 pies, from the classic to the signature of the pizza chef from Campania, like the "wrong Margherita". Great investment has been made on ingredients sourcing, with products coming from Italy and that are very rare on the Chinese market (not only tomato, basil and anchovies, but also, for example, cured meats of Nero Casertano and other local specialties). Working at the pizza oven is Antonio Cecere, a young pizza maker coming from the Caiazzo "school" and who works on sight for the guests of the chef's table overlooking the kitchen.

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