Journey in to the pizza art of Florence, discovering the best pizzerias in the city.

Florence is increasingly establishing itself as one of the pizza capitals. Especially the Neapolitan one with many reference addresses for enthusiasts. Here are the best addresses in the Tuscan capital, the ones that have conquered the Due and Tre Spicchi in the Gambero Rosso Pizzerie d’Italia guide.

In this moment of uncertainty and continuous changes and limitations, such as those introduced by the last Decree dated October 25, requiring closure of all dining activities at 6pm, pizzerias are reorganizing themselves, changing their opening hours often as a work in progress. Some are extending the lunch service also during the weekend, others by suspending lunch and focusing only on delivery, while others have not yet defined timetables and strategies. In any case, it’s an ever evolving situation that suggests to always check in advance hat the opening hours and services available.

La Divina Pizza

The best pizzerias in Florence awarded with the Tre Spicchi

La Divina Pizza

It’s been 10 years since Graziano Monogrammi and Roberta – aka la Divina – left their business in Chianti to embark on a new adventure in the city. Marrying the contemporary concept of pizza tasting menu, based on the study of dough and search for quality, according to the teachings of the University of Pizza and master Simone Padoan. The success of the public over time confirms how much the Monogrammis are able to keep the flag of quality high. The research on flours (unrefined) and the maturation of the dough (with live sourdough starter), as well as the selection of the best products, are the common denominator of a menu that varies according to inspiration and seasonality. You can choose between three tasting itineraries of 3, 5 and 7 different slices, declined in the variants Pala alla Romana, Ripiena and Divina Evoluzione, each of which is explained in great detail at the table. The Marinara is classic must, regardless of the tasting choice, among the variants alla Pala, where Graziano expresses his vein as a cook, to try the Homemade eggplant cream, mint-scented zucchini and ricotta cream with sundried tomatoes; or the chocolate praline with Apulian burrata, porchetta and friggitelli. Among the Divina Evoluzione, maximum expression of the study on dough, with a soft heart and crisp exterior, the traditional Napoli 2.0 is not to be missed. The attention to artisanship is also found in the selection of wines, of small and organic producers, and craft beers. In addition to the indoor rooms, there is a patio overlooking the street in the lively Sant’Ambrogio district. It is also possible to eat pizza at home; only a few minutes in the oven and it will seem to eat it as freshly baked in a pizzeria.

via Borgo Allegri, 50r – 055 2347498 – – open daily from 11 am to 6 pm, from 6 to 10 pm for take out and delivery



Neapolitan, former computer scientist who passed the Professional Cook course at Gambero Rosso, where he learned the secrets of cooking from Igles Corelli and all about dough from Gabriele Bonci, Michele Leo devoted himself to teaching at the Città del Gusto in Naples and, after Bologna, in December 2018 arrived in Florence and found success with Duje. Here he immediately won the hearts of the Florentines with his amiability and his true Neapolitan flair, giving reason to the choice made by the entrepreneurs Pietro Baracco and Simone Fiesoli. His dough is personalised with 100% natural flours without additives and a small quantity of brewer’s yeast; the same search for quality is on raw materials, starting with tomatoes and mozzarella. A nice novelty at aperitivo time, with a cocktail proposal – curated by Big Easy Cocktail House in Prato – combined with fried foods (arancini, potato croquettes, pasta omelettes) or the historic pizza al portafoglio. Among the appetizers, do not miss the trio of Montanarine and the fried Mozzarella in carrozza. Also on the menu are Marinara, Margherita – also with yellow tomatoes and smoked provola – and the most “ancient” ones such as the Mastunicola and Cosacca. Fried appetizers are stellar and include Montanara with pork cracklings and ricotta. A revisited classic, which is very successful, is the Tropea, with Casentino gray pork sausage, Tropea red onion marinated with fennel, buffalo ricotta, dried cherry tomatoes and grated pecorino. The environment is modern and lively, with a pleasant patio overlooking the square; the service is always courteous and professional, even in the most crowded moments. We drink Italian, from draft beers and bottled craft beers to a small but reasoned selection of wines. He teaches family friendly; for children Margherita and Calzone in mini version.

l.go P. Annigoni, 9c – 055 245829 – – temporarily closed

Le Follie di Romualdo

In its second season open on the left bank of the Arno, Le Follie once again confirms the success of the histrionic pizza chef who, back in 2000, brought quality Neapolitan pizza to Florence. Romulado Rizzuti went from the family pizzeria on the Salerno coast to his own place in the heart of Florence, by way of experience with pizzeria Sud at Mercato Centrale, finding his dimension in June 2019 with Le Follie di Romualdo. And by now he has become a teacher for many young apprentices and an established consultant. See the consolidated partnership with the Four Seasons Hotel (with which for the third consecutive year he garners Tre Spicchi), the summer space on the Lungarno del Tempio and new important city collaborations are in the pipeline. Le Follie is reminiscent of a Parisian bistro, lively and colourful; the bar counter welcomes – under normal circumstances – customers for an aperitif and the two outdoor spaces, inner courtyard and streetside, invite to linger both in winter and in summer. The winning menu remains the same: only 10 listings, including workhorses such as La Mia Napoli (with Cantabrian anchovies added after cooking), Shrimp Lard and Truffle, Sausage and Friarielli, Gateau di Patate and L’Oro di Napoli unforgettable fried version). The Panuozzo is textbook, in the double version with prosciutto San Daniele and Mortadella. The products are selected with the usual care and the dough, if ever possible, is even softer and more fragrant. The wine list has an enviable selection of Champagne.

Romualdo Rizzuti confirms the collaboration with the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Firenze where in the summer he brings his pizza, the Italian pop dish par excellence but which can also be transformed into a unique experience, with a 5-star welcome, service and atmosphere plus a proposal that enjoys the synergy with chef Vito Mollica in some of the toppings.

via San Niccolò, 39 – 055 4931923 – – temporarily closed



The small suburban pizzeria was no longer able to satisfy the requests of an increasingly numerous clientele, so Marco Manzi – first enfant prodige of the true Neapolitan pie and now an established consultant – decided to double in the central area, accepting the management of the pizza department of the Hortus restaurant by Zibibbo 2.0 in via delle Seggiole. Here the proposal focuses on a few classics of the Neapolitan tradition; for the complete offer you must go to the parent company. Meals can start with appetizers: pasta and potato omelette, arancini, potato croquettes, fried Ischia style, and, undisputed queen, Montanarina, from classic to 2.0 with San Marzano, basil pesto and 24-month Parmigiano Reggiano cream. The dough is soft and melt-in-your-mouth, made with unrefined flours, solid sourdough starter regenerated daily and high hydration. The traditional repertoire is flanked by the most creative pizzas: buffalo stracciatella, red shrimp tartare and black truffle; Carpaccio of tuna and twisted escarole. Others arise from the synergy with chefs from Ischia – presented in four-handed evenings, such as Zucchini, clams and black garlic (with chef Ciro Caserta). Super delicious is the pizza dessert Homage to Margherita: a madeleine base with basil, buffalo mozzarella cream, tomato jam, caramelized cream puff cornice; in addition to the warhorses such as babà and the legendary pastiera cooked in a wood-fired oven. In the glass are Ischia labels, draft and bottled beers.

via F. Veracini, 22a – 055 332332 – – open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7pm to 11.30pm for takeaway and delivery

Hortus by Zibibbo 2.0 – via delle Seggiole – open from Tuesday to Sunday from 7pm to 11pm for take-out and delivery

Giovanni Santarpia

The Florentines were anxiously awaiting the return of Giovanni Santarpia, who after just over a year took back the place in his own name, moving to a secluded position from the centre, to just outside of town. The bright and contemporary setting is animated by a close-knit staff of former colleagues gathered from previous experiences. A new project studied in detail: the dough is made with a personal blend of 0, type 1 and a percentage of Sicilian wholemeal flour from Mallorca and also the oven – gas-stoked – is customized, with the dome lowered and the possibility of inserting wood pieces to give the desired smoked effect. Finally, once baked, the pizza is placed on a hot plate; the result is a fragrant, soft and melt-in-your-mouth disc of dough, dry at the right point. The menu opens with the best of the Neapolitan tradition – Mozzarella in carrozza, Montanarine, Potato croquette – with Florentine influences as in the fried pizza with lampredotto and salsa verde. The repertoire then ranges between classics such as Marinara and Margherita, Napoli, Fiori and Acciughe, Parmigianella, Regina del Vesuvio, Norcina with sausage, burrata and truffle. One of the flagships, according to season, is the Pumpkin and Guanciale; among the most imaginative creations that with Veal tongue, mixed salad and lemon zest. Good selection of Italian bubbles and wines and craft beers. At the counter – when possible – you can sit even without a reservation.

via Senese 155r – 0559338245 – – open Saturday and Sunday from 12.30 to 2.30 pm, take away and delivery from Tuesday to Sunday from 6.30 to 9.30 pm


The legacy left by Romualdo Rizzuti was important but Marco Fierro – native of Cilento from Vallo della Lucania, graduated in food biotechnology and already alongside Romualdo Rizzuti and later with Stefano Callegari – did not fail to meet expectations. Having achieved the ambitious goal of churning out a million pizzas, he is now concerned with maintaining a high quality standard despite the large numbers that the Mercato Centrale venue continues to record every day. The fast pace and the control of the other pizzerias do not prevent him from continuing to do research on the dough, made with his own blend of semi-wholemeal flours from grains grown in Piedmont milled in natural stone and sourdough starter inherited from Callegari, for a pizza with a swollen rim and elastic disc. The menu continues to focus on the great classics of the Neapolitan tradition such as Marinara, Margherita, Napoli. Do not miss the Capri with fresh red and yellow tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, Taggiasca olives, basil and oregano, a triumph of colours and flavours. The Magnifico changes every 6 months and is designed to feature the excellence of the artisans of the market, try the one with mortadella by Savigni, stracciatella from Puglia and chopped pistachios. In the common areas of the Mercato, ordering and pick up are self-service; for beers and wine you can range from the offer of the Brewery and the Enoteca.

piazza del Mercato Centrale – via dell’Ariento – 055 2741150 – – open from Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm, from Friday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm

Il vecchio e il mare

Il Vecchio e il Mare

Il Vecchio e il Mare knows no stops: after Express, an extension of the restaurant for takeaway and home delivery of pizza and Neapolitan street food, in December 2019 Padellino 2.0 was inaugurated, the new restaurant on the same street dedicated to pizza in a pan with a cafeteria service and aperitifs. The latest news from the parent company is the gluten free pizza, with dedicated space and oven. Mario Cipriano – Neapolitan origins, grew up in the family pizzeria in Trieste and achieved success in Tuscany – has also finalised the collaboration with an Umbrian mill for the creation of a complete line of flours (from 0 to wholemeal) from 100% Italian grains, stored in a controlled atmosphere. Its dough is personalized, made with high hydration and dried natural starter, for a particularly light and friable pizza. To test the quality of the fried foods, it’s worth starting with the Montanarine topped with Piennolo cherry tomatoes or the Calzone filled with provolone, ricotta cream and salami. The great classics such as Marinara, Margherita and Salsiccia and Friarielli are inevitable; The workhorse Grigio Casentino is always a success with Casentino prosciutto aged 24 months. Among the specials, according to inspiration, try the tomatoless with guacamole sauce (maison), fresh marinated salmon and cheese cream. The pizza slabs are protagonists on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Pasquale coordinates the room and selects the wine labels – including Champagne – and beers, mostly artisanal.

via V. Gioberti, 61 – 055 669575 – open from 6.30 to 10.30 pm for take-away

The best pizzerias in Florence awarded with the Due Spicchi

3 dddì

Already a pizza maker of Fratelli Cuore, from October 2019 Agostino Figliola decided to set up his own business, flanked by partners Nina Themije and Gabriele Crocetti. Together they chose the pop district of Sant’Ambrogio, right in the square where the daily market is held. The environment attracts from the outside for its contemporary mood – including mirrored surfaces and black and white artistic portraits on the walls – designed by the Florentine architect star Simone Micheli. Always a spokesman for true Neapolitan pizza, here Agostino wanted to bring it closer to the Tuscan palate, making it less elastic and slightly drier. The focus remains on the quality of the dough – leavened for at least 3 days, hence the name – and on the selection of raw materials for the toppings, mostly found according to season among the market stalls. The menu is divided into tomato-based Le Scure, mozzarella-based Le Chiare and Le Chiaro-Scure; also a proposal for a Roman pala slab versions designed for sharing. Try the great classics such as Marinara and Margherita, but also original creations, which have now become battle horses, such as the fake Genoese made with tuna, the Carbonara or the Zucchini, caciocavallo and crispy prosciutto. Delicious and well presented desserts. Dynamic and always courteous service; wine list with Campania and Italian labels, draft beers and bottled craft beers. Pleasant streetside seating.

piazza Ghiberti, 10r – 055 0131129 – the pizzeria will be closed until November 10, after that date it will be open for lunch and in the evening for take-away

La pizza zucca e formaggio fresco di Berberè


The Aloe brothers’ project starts from simple assumptions – serving artisan pizza with live sourdough starter and organic ingredients – opened in 2010 in the first of a long series of restaurants. In Florence the first, and the second in Santa Croce four years later. Here, as in the other locations, the dough is not very stretched in order to enjoy a pizza that is very airy, soft on the inside and crisp on the outside, and is offered in three variants: classic from type 1 soft wheat flour; with different flours including farro; with broken wheat flour for unleavened pizzas. The pizzas arrive on the table already cut and topped to offer a taste of some of the best Italian products on the artisan market. So, you might find a fresh and tasty ham and zucchini, or the delicious Calabrian pizza, developed with chef Abbruzzino, topped with ‘nduja di Spilinga, roasted peppers, black olives, capers, Crotone pecorino, fiordilatte and mint. Cicchetti (small, variously seasoned tastings) and salads complete the offer, which also includes a small, but accurate and delicious dessert list and a richer wine and beer list. New this year, the fried starters.

Berberè – 

Via Dei Benci/corner of via dei Neri – 055 3994589 – open from 12 to 3 pm, from 7 to 10.30 pm for delivery and take away

p.zza de ‘Nerli, 1 – 055 2382946 – open every day from 7pm to 10.30pm for delivery and take away

Cucina Torcicoda

In this articulated restaurant there are ample spaces, a stone’s throw from Santa Croce, to include the restaurant, the trattoria, the pastry shop, a gelateria and the pizzeria. From the wood-fired oven, under the direction of Vito Scavo, the pies of evident Neapolitan origin are prepared with a blend of “00” and type 1 flour, after leavening for up to 72 hours, topped with typical ingredients and always interesting cross-pollinations, such as Naples with Cantabrian anchovies. Alongside classic pizza recipes, such as Margherita, there are other absolutely original ones, such as Torcicoda, which combines Calabrian ‘nduja, Apulian burrata, spicy salami and cherry tomatoes; or like the pizza alla gricia, with fiordilatte, guanciale pork jowl from Amatrice, pecorino romano and pepper. The inspiration of pizza chefs sometimes offers special pizzas which, together with the possibility of tasting several types of pizza in slices, enrich a careful and complete range of preparations. The selection of craft beers and wines is very wide.

Cucina Torcicoda – via Torta, 5r – 055 2654329 – – open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 to 2.30 pm, from Tuesday to Sunday from 6 to 9.30 pm for delivery and take away

Fratelli Cuore

In the premises once occupied by an international ticket office and for a long time abandoned, the Caprarella brothers, native to Basilicata but for years engaged in the restaurant business in Florence, have created a project that has revitalised the entire portion of the Florence central station and made available to travelers and loyal customers dishes from early morning until late evening. Diners can enjoy gourmet burgers, grilled meats and salads, but the real specialty is the pizza, true Neapolitan, prepared by Luigi Amalfitano with the biga sourdough starter, naturally leavened with organic ingredients, cooked in a wood-fired oven and recognisable by the classic soft fluffy rim. On the menu alongside the traditional Margherita and Marinara, the original Friarella with smoked provola, Neapolitan sausage with fresh pork scamerita, salt, pepper and braised broccoli; or the Parmigiana, with San Marzano tomato sauce, fiordilatte, purple aubergine parmigiana, basil; in addition to the always tasty fried pizza.

p.zza Stazione c/o Santa Maria Novella Station – 055 2670264 – – open every day from 11 am to 6 pm, take away until 9.30 pm


Eataly Florence

A “democratic and light” pizza (as they define it) is what Eataly offers us, the brand that has made quality within everyone’s reach its flag. Artisan flours, 70% hydration to favor a good alveolation, unrefined salt, tomato grown and processed in Sardinia, fresh fiordilatte, at least 50 hours of leavening, cooking in a rotating wood oven: these are the characteristics common to all the proposals, divided into classic and special, including Florence, in winter with Colonnata lard, pecorino and chestnut honey, in summer with tomato, mozzarella, violet aubergine and pecorino di Pienza. Also the calzone follows the season, so in the colder months it is opened with burrata, prosciutto, fiordilatte, arugula and datterini; in the warmer season it is closed and classic. For the doughs, you can choose between the Original and the Sette Effe, which differ in the type of flour (Buratto and type 0 for the first, mix of stone ground for the second). The list of wines and craft beers is quite rich.

via de ‘Martelli, 22r – 055 0153600 – – open every day from 12 to 3 pm, take away 12 to 2:30 pm and from 6.30 to 9.30 pm

Fuoco Matto

Donato Menechella, a young but determined pizza chef from Benevento, has now taken over the pizza sector of the very popular Fuoco Matto, becoming a partner together with entrepreneurs Saverio Laurenzano and Carlo Nigro. The ambiance is young and dynamic, frequented by a varied clientele; people come here for a simple and genuine cuisine that ranges from charcuterie to pasta dishes to grilled meat, but it is the pizza that attracts the most attention, with exposed wood-burning ovens and a team of pizza makers always in action. The authentic dough respects the tradition with “00” flour and direct method, and is expressed in the great classics such as Marinara, Margherita, Panuozzo, Salsiccia and Friarielli (with provolone). The variants with semi-wholemeal and hemp flour, made with the biga sourdough starter, are dedicated to greater research on the combination of flavours of the toppings, such as Pizza Matta with fiordilatte, San Marzano fillets, leeks, basil and poppy seeds. The pies are also proposed for sharing, and arrive at the table already sliced. The service is attentive and professional and, despite the large numbers, always pays attention to customers while they wait. The wine list is accurate and not obvious, with a good selection of mostly craft beers both on tap and in bottles. When the season allows it, it’s possible to eat outside on the street.

via XXVII Aprile, 16 – 055 495140 – – temporarily closed

‘O Munaciello

Everything is permeated with Napoli culture, starting with the name, then moving on to the furnishings, statuettes, trinkets, garlic and onions hanging on the walls and vaults of the rooms that years and years ago housed a convent in the historic Oltrarno. But above all, it is what the kitchen and the oven, governed by the Candito brothers, propose that refer to that set of aromas, flavours and sensations that the Neapolitan land can give. And so here are the proposals of the menu that talks about the sea and products mainly from the consortia and shops of the Amalfi Coast. Do not miss the small appetizers (the Piezz’e core) among which the corni (croissants stuffed with salmon or buffalo) and the fried donuts, as well as the fried anchovy cuoppo. From the wood-burning oven, led by Francesco Anglani, come genuine pizzas made with “00” flour dough; there are numerous versions, from the more usual ones to the special ones with high-sounding names (Troisi, Maradona, Sciosciammocca) in which we find the best ingredients of our South: Piennolo cherry tomatoes, ‘nduja, Gaeta olives, buffalo mozzarella, potatoes, sausage, friarelli, fresh tuna; in a couple there is the mythical rim stuffed with ricotta. The calzones are delicious and rich, while the simple covaccini are tempting. Finally, the desserts, fragrant creations of the Campania pastry tradition.

via Maffia, 31 / r – 055 287198 – – open Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 2 pm also for take-away

Pizzeria del Caffè Italiano

The Montano concept continues to work and this remains one of the reference addresses in the city for Neapolitan pizza in Florence. The dough benefits of the imprinting of the great master Vuolo, expressing the Neapolitan pies well: melt-in-your-mouth, fragrant, aromatic. On the disc sit up well-dosed toppings stemming from Mediterranean flavours and recipes. The proposal is mainly focused on the classics, with Margherita and Marinara in the first place. Also try the 4 Formaggi, a pie aimed at enhancing some of the best cheeses in Italy; for the most daring palates the traditional Cosacca with San Marzano, pecorino, basil and pepper. The meal continues with a delicious and authentic tiramisu. The table service is young and attentive, well prepared even on what ends up in the glass. From the Enoteca comes a complete range of wines and beers, the latter mostly craft.

Pizzeria del Caffè Italiano – via Isola delle Stinche, 19r – 055 289368 – – opening to be confirmed



A nice novelty in the panorama of city dining, in what was once a historic glass factory. Already owners of Fuoco Matto, Saverio Laurenzano and Carlo Nigro have embarked on this new adventure in partnership with pizza chef Domenico Menechella, also involving the chef from Catania Salvo Pellegriti. An ambitious project, in an environment that is striking for the particularity of the interiors and furnishings that revive the atmosphere of yesteryear in contemporary fashion. As in the parent company, the menu ranges from pasta courses to grilled meats, but here too the pizza plays a central role and is born from a continuous comparison and synergy between pizza maker and chef. The dough is kept in line with the Neapolitan tradition, with “00” flour but also in variants with burnt wheat flour or gluten-free. Don’t miss the entrée, a blue corn, buckwheat and rice muffin with beef tartare, herring liver, herring caviar and candied lemon. Try the pizza Marinara, also in the version with Piccadilly tomato sauce and grilled Piccadilly tomato (according to grandma’s recipe); the Vetreria with sausage, fiordilatte, gorgonzola and barbecue sauce. The wine list is refined in its simplicity, with proposals that are also unusual in combination with pizzas, as well as a cocktail proposal. Attentive and professional service. The summer patio in the adjacent square benefits from the view of the dome of the Cathedral.

via del Proconsolo, 30r – 055 0030028 – – open every day from 12 to 3 pm, from 6.30 to 10 pm for delivery and takeout.