Antonella De Santis


Dopo una lunga esperienza in un settimanale romano, approda al Gambero Rosso nel 2012. Si occupa dei contenuti web, ma è attiva anche sulle guide e sul mensile dove cura, tra le altre cose, la rubrica delle novità editoriali. La cucina e la cucina di redazione, una dentro l'altra, per amore del cibo e delle parole. Quelle lette, scritte, ascoltate (in radio, al cinema ma soprattutto in teatro, dove tutto ha preso forma), quelle mangiate e ritrovate. In cerca di un lessico del gusto.

Millet flour: properties and recipes

Not very common in Italy, millet flour is gluten-free but rich in proteins and lipids. A product that is still not used much, but surely worth learning more about.

Oct. 27 2021

10 ways to reduce household food waste

During the first year of the pandemic, food waste decreased markedly in Italy as households spent more time at home. Here's what to do to reduce food waste.

Sep. 29 2021

Andrea Aprea to open restaurant and bistro at the Etruscan Museum in Milan

Andrea Aprea announces his new adventure: gastronomic restaurant and bistro at the Luigi Rovati Foundation's Etruscan Museum

Sep. 22 2021

Gluten-free crostata: recipes by famous pastry chefs

Crostata is a beloved dessert! Made with fresh fruit, jams or spreads, this classic dessert pleases everyone, young and old. Here are 5 gluten-free recipes.

Aug. 02 2021

The Chapter hotel in Rome opens its Mexican-style terrace: Hey Güey

Since its opening two years ago, Rome's The Chapter hotel has established itself as a space open to the city. Now it's back with a new Mexican-inspired proposal on the Hey Güey terrace.

Jun. 11 2021

Spice blends: what they are and how to use them

Spread throughout the world, spice blends are crucial ingredients for the success of some dishes. But it is impossible to have a precise recipe: every country, city and family has its own version of spice blends. Here are the most ...Leggi altro

Jun. 09 2021

Joe Bastianich: the Bastianich Method, explained

10 video lessons to find out what transforms a good cook into a successful entrepreneur. Joe Bastianich's new project as told by him.

Apr. 13 2021

Carbonara, classic Roman recipe: 10 rules, secrets and chef tips

In love with Carbonara. Eggs, guanciale, pecorino: three simple ingredients for a symbolic dish of Rome's cucina romana. Simple as it is difficult to make well. Here's the perfect recipe with the advice of chefs.

Mar. 16 2021

Alaska. The book on the epic and cuisine of the gold diggers

The history surrounding the gold diggers in Alaska and their food in a manuscript translated and published for Slow Food Editore. An exciting journey through the history of America and its cuisine.

Mar. 03 2021

Cheese jams: the perfect match

Honey, jams, jams. In search of the best combination with cheeses, with the advice of 5 big names in the dairy world: breeders, producers, refiners.

Feb. 05 2021
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