Antonella De Santis

Franco Pepe celebrates 10 years of Pepe in Grani in Caiazzo

Franco Pepe celebrates 10 years of Pepe in Grani with the initiative 10 years, 10 friends and more: a series of 4-handed dinners. In the first he is together with Giuseppe Iannotti

Gastronativism: how food is an instrument of political ideology. The book by Fabio Parasecoli

The Pope's halal lasagna, the scandal of Japanese dumplings produced in China, and Turkish hazelnuts in the famous Italian spread. Is food being used as a political tool? The latest book by Fabio Parasecoli explains how.

Palazzo Ripetta. New 5 star hotel with the pastry art of Giuseppe Solfrizzi

In the wholly Roman ferment of hôtellerie, outsider Palazzo Ripetta plays its cards well, with the great patisserie of Giuseppe Solfrizzi.

Wawira Njiru creator of Food for Education wins Icon Award of 50 Best

50 Best Restaurant assigns the Icon Award to Wawira Njiru, Kenya nutritionist and creator of the Food for Education organisation

How will the GOe, "Gastronomy Open ecosystem" of San Sebastián be, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group

Bjarke Ingels Group won the competition for the GOe project, the Gastronomy Open Ecosystem in San Sebastián, the new structure of the Basque Culinary Centre that will open in 2024

Gluten-free crostata: recipes by famous pastry chefs

Crostata is a beloved dessert! Made with fresh fruit, jams or spreads, this classic dessert pleases everyone, young and old. Here are 5 gluten-free recipes.

Paradigma, the other side to Unforgettable in Turin by Christian Mandura

The new project by Christian Mandura that occupies the upper floor of Unforgettable is called Paradigma. In Turin, animal paradise.

Molto at the Galleria Borghese in Rome. Another museum restaurant

Yet another museum restaurant in Rome: we are talking about Molto at the Galleria Borghese.

Cheese jams: the perfect match

Honey, jams, jams. In search of the best combination with cheeses, with the advice of 5 big names in the dairy world: breeders, producers, refiners.

Untitled 53 Bites & Wines in Rome: Roman-style signature tapas

A new fine and affordable dining destination offering tapas and shared dishes that mix Roman and eastern flavors.
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