Antonella De Santis

One of Rome's Largest cocktail bars opens a Summer venue with a garden

Patrick Pistolesi, with his Drink Kong, together with the Wunder Bar team, opens a summer location: it's called Wunder Kong

A large Family of Chefs opens a seafood trattoria in an old fisherman's house

The Caputo family moves La Taverna del Capitano to the rooftop and opens Casa Caputo in the old sea-facing dining room

A great Chef and one of Italy's best pizza makers open a restaurant in Ischia

In Ischia, Ivano Veccia and Nino Di Costanzo are opening Lisola, together with the inventor of the Poldina

The food truck that becomes the coolest restaurant in Cilento during the Summer

Local cuisine on the move: this has been the essence of CiVà – Cibo Vagabondo from the beginning. The Cilento-based food truck with the vision of a high-end restaurant has recently expanded its truckering services, gracing beautiful locations and preparing...

A milanese cuisine restaurant opens in the centre of Rome

The perfect Milanese cutlet can now be found in Rome. Along with mondeghili and cacio e pepe

"Dishes with Campanian ingredients but French technique": Chef Alain Ducasse talks about his restaurant in Naples

Just a few weeks after its debut, Alain Ducasse explains the philosophy of his new Neapolitan restaurant: "Each of my restaurants tells its own unique story that expresses the soul of the city it is in."

Where once stood Rome's oldest school, there is now a 5-star hotel designed by a renowned filmmaker

The oldest school in Rome has been transformed into a 5-star hotel, with design by Luca Guadagnino. Palazzo Talìa opens its doors

The Italian island where prisoners make wine (but don't drink it)

On the prison island of Gorgona, a unique wine is produced, the result of a social project involving the inmates, offering them a new perspective

Wine between new consumers and market changes: experts discuss the bright and dark sides of a struggling industry

White wines are on the rise, red wines are declining, and wine consumption among younger people is decreasing as they opt for cocktails. The wine market is seeking new sales strategies

Near Palermo, there's a summer restaurant housed in a former railway station that changes chef every year

In its third season, Stazione Vucciria, a wonderful inn by the sea in Finale di Pollina, has resident chef Lorenzo Careggio
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