Antonella De Santis

The two Italian chefs aiming to conquer Paris with a three-floor establishment are Aurora Storari and Flavio Lucarini, opening Hemicycle

A new pair of Italians are winning over Parisians: they are Aurora Storari and Flavio Lucarini, pastry chef and chef of Hemicycle

Michelin Guide 2024: all the new stars. Niederkofler and Mellino enter the Olympus

A memorable edition number 69 of the Michelin Guide brings the number of star studded restaurants in Italy to almost 400. With as many as two new entries at the top of the list: Norbert Niederkofler's Atelier Moessmer and Fabrizio...

Italy’s most beautiful newsstand opens a wine bar with natural wine in Perugia

Paradiso Liquido of Edicola 518 in Perugia: the city space of one of Italy's most interesting publishing projects

The secret of Peking duck by London's most famous Chinese chef? The fan

The perfect Peking duck depends on the glaze and an unexpected tool. The secret of Andrew Wong

Buatta in Palermo is one of the best trattorias in Italy. Here's why

Buatta in Palermo is not only one of the best trattorias in Italy, but an important part of a gastronomic ecosystem that from Palermo is about to reach as far as Turin

Bill Gates buys Portofino Castle for over 50 million euros: will it become a luxury hotel ?

Bill Gates buys Villa San Giorgio, the castle of Portofino. The patron of Microsoft may want to make it luxury hotel: he owns the Four Seasons Group

The best restaurants in Venice. The tips of a great chef to Gambero Rosso

Venice is not just Biennale or film exhibition, but more and more a gastronomic destination with good spots that suit every taste and budget. These are Riccardo Canella's favorite ones

Here comes the first Day of Restaurant Dining: to be celebrated on April 28th

April 28th is the Day of Restaurant Dining. An appointment to celebrate hospitality and a sector that is finally smiling again.

Gelato Day. Guide to spotting quality gelato in 16 easy steps

Back to focusing on gelato, mainly because everyone loves it and because not enough has actually been disclosed yet. Gelato we believe can be enjoyed year round, releasing it from summer seasonal restraints. Here is how to recognize a good...

Jòia Bun by Hélène Darroze opens in Paris

The collection of restaurants by Hélène Darroze, French chef originally from the Landes, expands: Jòia Bun burger place opens
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