A one-minute short-film that represents the period we are living in. From the evils that afflict the world to the desire for redemption, to a wish for a Merry Christmas that cannot be separated from the sweetness of panettone made with love.

A year ago, Adriano Del Mastro presented his panettone through a fairy-tale short film. A minute that tries to condense the sense of craft work of a small artisan: through the preparation of the most popular dessert of the Christmas holidays. His workshop on the outskirts of Milan became an enchanted forge, modelled on the imaginary behind-the-scenes headquarters of Santa’s elves, preparing gifts with alacrity. A year later, the young baker from Abruzzo – who arrived in Monza after a training with masters such as Niko Romito, Gabriele Bonci, Davide Longoni, and today’s leader of one of the most appreciated bakeries in Italy – gives his customers, and anyone who wants to honor the spirit of Christmas, a new short film.

Save the last Xmas. What Christmas will it be?

“Save the last Xmas” is the theme of the production that deals with the difficulties we are experiencing. It is set in the time of biblical Christmas. We visit a Bethlehem that has lost the joy of celebrating the birth of the Infant. The nativity scene staged by Nico Gonzo (in charge of the direction) is afflicted by all the evils of today: a chimnet that poisons the air, the waste that takes space and nourishment from the sheep that graze lost. . . Even the music is broken, it has lost its melody. But the most cumbersome guest is an asteroid, landed disrupting everyone’s habits, without the world being prepared to handle it. The shadow of Covid hovers in the air: the angels no longer have the strength to hold the banner praising “Andrà tutto bene” (-it will be all right-); the shops are barred; the Magi, the centurions and the villagers are in revolt against the death of Christmas wearing the mask. Then the camera detaches to the hut of Joseph and Mary, announcing the arrival on stage of “a little sweetness”, who comes to save Christmas. And the panettone of the Forno Del Mastro triumphs, without the presumption of solving all the evils of the world, but with the hope of giving some comfort to those who have lost the spirit of the holidays.

Christmas greetings with a homemade panettone

This is the greeting card for Christmas 2020 condensed in a minute. The team that conceived, scripted and shot the short film together with Adriano del Mastro are: Rosa Lanzaro at scenography, Eloy Zecca at photography, Paolo Pioltelli at editing, Simone Castelli at sound design, Elena Mistrello at stage illustrations. The panettone of Forno del Mastro – traditional, with almond and hazelnut icing, 30 euros for a size of 800 grams, plus 7 euros for shipping throughout Italy – can also be purchased online. But in Monza the shop is always open to tell the story of the bread of the past, from homemade bread to agricultural bread, raisin bread, all made with organic flour and sourdough. A work that is worth at the Forno del Mastro the Tre Pani on Gambero Rosso’s guide Panifici d’Italia.

Forno Del Mastro – Monza (MB) – via Cavour, 3 – 039 6774724 – www.fornodelmastro.it