Deli-Very Good. Gambero Rosso's platform that supports quality food delivery

Dec 16 2020, 14:58 | by Gambero Rosso
From 8th December to 31st January, the Deli-Very Good platform will be active to connect the prodigal world of delivery with consumers who want to enjoy a quality delivery service at home.

A platform that supports catering

Deli-Very Good is the word game that identifies the online platform, promoted by Gambero Rosso, to support Italian catering. An operation conceived and matured during the difficult months of 2020. A year marked by a deep crisis in a sector severely affected by the restrictions needed to contain the health emergency. We reiterated this during the presentation of the guide Restaurants of Italy 2021: catering needs, now more than ever, to be supported. Since last March, nothing is the same as before, including the sharing of food and the table, with harmful consequences for insiders and made in Italy. The agri-food and tourism sectors, drivers of the Italian economy, have and are recording substantial losses. Restaurants and hotels live from day to day and have been remodeling for months. There are many who have reinvented their activities in form and content. Starting from the opportunity to use the online tool and home delivery services, adapting your philosophy to the new channel, in line with the gastronomic thinking and the quality of your business. They are flowered like this: menus designed for take-away and delivery, with ad hoc packaging; kits of ingredients to assemble at home; wine and cocktail pairing; dishes designed to be finished at home.

Deli-Very Good: how does it work?

The Deli-Very Good project has been dedicated to these realities. From 8 December to 31 January, the online platform with access from the Gambero Rosso website (or directly to the address), will bring together about fifty activities offering take-away and delivery services.  Not only restaurants, but also bakeries, pizzerias, ice cream parlors. . . Common denominator? The presence in the guides of Gambero Rosso, and therefore the certified quality of their proposals. On the platform, the user will be able to move around by skimming the catalogue by means of a geographical search or by type of offer; having identified the proposal that interests him the most, he will have direct access to the activity sheet, which contains all the information needed to take advantage of the delivery service (from addresses and numbers useful to get in touch with the local).

In their turn, the participating venues will be able to mark their presence in the circuit: by affixing the Deli-Very Good stamp on the packages to be delivered to customers. Graphic sign to indicate one's commitment to serving a quality product, whether it be ready-to-eat dishes, kits to be assembled or gastronomic specialities also indicated for a gift. During the initiative, Gambero Rosso's Instagram page will provide clues about the activities participating, sharing videos and photos designed by the locals to present their idea of delivery. The transaction is supported by SumUp, a payment system designed to facilitate electronic transactions, and therefore also particularly active in providing delivery services for the Ho.Re.Ca.

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