Christmas recipes. Braised cheek ravioli in Modica chocolate sauce

Dec 16 2020, 08:28 | by Gambero Rosso
Ever heard of Modica chocolate? We tried to pair it with braised cheek ravioli. Here's the recipe.

For the braised beef cheek

400 g beef cheek
1 l red wine
Bay leaves
Myrtle berries
Celery, carrot, onion mirepoix
Cinnamon stick
Rendered lard
Salt and pepper to taste

30 g Modica chocolate

Marinade the cheek for one day in the red wine, spices and vegetables. Strain and brown the same vegetables in a saucepan with a little lard. Add the cheek cut into large cubes and brown it, add the wine from the marinade and cook for at least three hours over low heat. Filter the sauce, season to taste and melt the chocolate in the sauce.

Shred the meat and make balls that can be kept in the fridge.

For the Ravioli
300 g semolina flour
5 yolk + 1 whole egg
50 g Piacentinu DOP cheese

Knead the dough and let it rest for at least an hour. Roll out the ravioli and stuff them with the cheek balls. Seal them well and cook in salted boiling water.

Preparation of the dish: first put the cooking sauce, place the ravioli and finally top with julienned Piacentinu cheese.

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