Ana Ros opens Hisa Franko's pantry for delivery. Wines, cheeses and products of Slovenia in all of Europe

Nov 20 2020, 14:59 | by Gambero Rosso
Rose chutney, dulce de leche with mountain milk and homemade kimchi are the most curious products of a pantry of delights that also stocks cheeses aged by Valter Kramer in the cellar of Hisa Franko. While waiting for the lockdown to end, the Slovenian restaurant ships its products all over Europe.

Is high-level delivery a thing?

During the first lockdown, many famous chefs and famous restaurants around the world proved reluctant to take advantage of the opportunity of their food delivered at home. This is above all due to the difficulty of coming up with a proposal from one day to the next that does justice to the cuisine of many, made up of long preparations, delicate balances, dishes and serving temperatures that are an integral part of a dish's elaboration process that starts from the search for the raw material and ends only at the table. There are therefore numerous chefs who still consider the approach and methods of both worlds to be irreconcilable (not to mention the difficulty of hitting a fair price, that stays attractive for those ordering from home). But the persistence of the restrictions, together with the months spent working on satisfying menu proposals that don't betray the original intention of the kitchen while adapting to the delivery, led - in this autumnal second wave - to many innovations in the world of high standard food delivery. This means that in addition to the most daring (from Cerea to Anthony Genovese and Eugenio Boer, to David Munoz and Grant Achatz), equally well-known names have joined the ranks, from Daniel Humm to the numerous Italian chefs capable of offering fun and well thought-out proposals, focused on originality and simplicity of the product.

Hisa Franko’s pantry for delivery

In this fluid movement that's destined to go viral for a few more months at least, there is also the proposal of Ana Ros' Hisa Franko restaurant in Kobarid, just beyond the Italian border in Slovenia, closed due to lockdown - like all non-essential commercial activities - until the first days of December. On December 4th, if the health situation allows it, Ana Ros will reopen the doors of her restaurant, recently awarded with two Michelin stars. Waiting to leave, however, the chef and her husband Valter Kramer, a companion in life and at work, have decided to "open" the pantry to the requests of customers curious to receive at home the products normally used in the restaurant. A taste of Slovenia filtered by the obsessive attention to the raw material that reigns at Hisa Franko, and shipped throughout Europe twice a week.

Cheese, wine and more

The pantry offers honey from local producers, homemade jam, herbal tea harvested in the meadows around Caporetto, onion or rose chutney, sun dried tomatoes in oil, kimchi, dulce de leche made with mountain milk. And a selection of natural wines from the cellar. But, above all, the cheeses aged by Valter Kramer, who for years has been deepening the dairy vocation of the Soča Valley by aging the most typical cheese of the area, Tolminc, for up to 5 years of aging. But Valter also experimented with fermenting ricotta, and with pit-aged fossa cheese imported from Emilia-Romagna to continue the refinement in the cellar of Hisa Franko. To compose your favourite box you can consult the price list of the online pantry, or take advantage of the already composed bundles (for 75 or 115 euros), which also include a copy of the book "Sun and Rain" by Ana Ros. Are you thinking Christmas gifts?

Online pantry at Hisa Franko

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