Family bar in Italy: breakfast and snack places to visit with the kids

Nov 9 2022, 09:53 | by Michela Becchi
Partly playrooms, partly cafes, family bars are favourite places for parents to enjoy a good snack while their children play or are engaged in recreational activities. Here are not-to-be-missed addresses.

What are family bars

How does dining out change after becoming parents? Volumes could be written on the subject, with myriad arguments. What is certain is that sometimes parents need to find a more child-friendly space, where kids can play and have fun while adults relax with a good cup of coffee. To the rescue come the family bars, a concept that has been in Italy for some years now and that combines restaurant service and a playroom, offering activities for the little ones, games and even the sale of products for children. A format that is gradually expanding throughout Italy: here are some addresses to visit.

Family bars in Italy


Calling it a family bar is an understatement: Tipi in Rome, in the Pigneto neighbourhood, is above all the perfect place if you are looking for an original and creative gift idea. There is a wide and varied choice of objects (all made with eco-sustainable materials), clothing, stationery and accessories for children, from baby food sets to school backpacks. Of course, there is no shortage of good and healthy food proposals, for a delicious but healthy snack to share with the little ones.

Tipi – Rome – via Gentile da Mogliano, 168/170 -

Family affair

A coffee bar with fine products, but also a sales space for food specialties, fair trade products, artisan bread made with natural yeast starter, and used clothing. This small place is a favourite destination of many Sassari parents, who can shop for items for children, from cosmetics to clothes, and above all a safe children's area where their kids can interact and socialise. Fine food starting with the breakfast pastries stuffed at the moment continuing with stuffed focaccia and finger sandwiches for later meals.

Family Affair – Sassari – via Brigata Sassari, 42 -


Books are also the protagonists in Milan, thanks to the fine work of Mamusca, which in the time of Covid was equipped with a mini-library on wheels, a wooden house set up on a bicycle in its lush outdoor space. Croissants, brownies, pies, pasticciotti: it's all there for a good breakfast with the kids, who can make friends with other young readers and learn while having fun.

Mamusca – Milan – Bernardo Davanzati, 2 -

Family Bar

If looking for a space to organise a child's birthday party in Livorno, Family Bar is the ideal solution. In addition to the beautiful location, with a garden and a special room for events, the coffee bar offers many products suitable for all needs, from gluten-free to lactose-free foods, without forgetting products for vegans. There are many desserts to choose from, from cakes to biscuits, from pastries to fried donuts, but there are also several savoury proposals for a quick and tasty lunch break.

Family Bar – Livorno – via Marco Mastacchi, 225 -

by Michela Becchi

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