Enoteca Ferrowine, a temple for wine lovers

Jun 12 2016, 07:00 | by Stefania Annese

A temple for wine lovers, a gathering place for specialists, a setting for intense conversations about bottles: this is Ferrowine, a wine shop in Castelfranco Veneto, in Italy’s north.

The shop

The shop has an ambitious goal: to explore the culture of everything connected to wine, to show each individual product as a source of knowledge. Bottles are arranged like books in a library, subdivided by subject and genre. The library format is the creation of architect Luca Fanton, of Studio Frasson & Fanton, together with designer Antonio Frasson, scenographer at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, and architect Bernardino Baesso. The three-man team developed a uniquely memorable 1000-square-meter space.


Rooms follow from one another in a constant continuity of style. Rigorous geometry suggesting order and system is mellowed by the warmth of wood. Over 1,500 labels are arrayed on the shelves, 350 beers, and many types of spirits. The bottles line the walls of tasting rooms, the cellar, two conference rooms and sensory laboratories. Each single space is designed to create a versatile environment that favors exchanges of ideas, meetings and comparisons. The space, on two levels, is connected by a dramatic spiral staircase.

Light and sustainability

Linea Light Group of Castelminio di Resana, in the Treviso province, designed the soft yet bright indoor lighting, environmentally sustainable and exploiting the most evolved led technology.

Outside, simple brick columns break up the expanses of glass that embrace the building. The Enoteca is a showroom for both individual and professional wine consumers. The sommelier staff is ready to advise, and producers offer periodic tastings in an ambiance that attracts all wine lovers in the zone.

by Stefania Annese

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