Not the ordinary coffee you are used to. Here’s what you need to know about grolla.

The name grolla derives from graal, the covered cup made from a piece of precious wood, made on a lathe and carved and decorated by hand. The traditional Valle d’Aosta coffee is served in this special container, also known as the ‘friendship cup’. An artisanal product that contains a mix of ingredients perfect for warming up in winter, generally coffee, sugar and liqueur. Conviviality underlies the grolla, which is indeed equipped with several spouts for various dining companions: according to tradition, the bowl is passed from hand to hand, but sometimes it can happen that people drink at the same time with the help of a straw. The most commonly used liqueur is genepì, that also refers to alpine plants of the genus Artemisia, the typical essence of the region and of the nearby Piedmont. Mainly produced at home, this yellow-green infusion reveals an intense grassy aroma and a hint of bitterness that balances its sweetness.