Three Champagnes for the weekend

Feb 11 2022, 11:14 | by Lorenzo Ruggeri
Starting this week, we would like to propose once again a short extract from our World Wines column. We can’t help but start from the wine that most of all fulfils wine lovers’ fantasies: its name stands for party, laugh and emotion. Here are three cuvées from great maisons and small vignerons. Please note that the average price in euro refers to the Italian market’s shelf price.


Champagne, France

Champagne Brut Nature Variation '14 – Due Bicchieri Rossi


Located in the Aube department, this cuvée by the historic maison of Courteron is a real surprise. Here, biodynamic viticulture has been offering for 30 years wines from high quality grapes. Variation is the new entry: a cuvée made from pure Pinot Gris, aged in wooden barrels, unfiltered, with dosage and addition of sulfites. Evolved, yet inviting aromatic profile, vinous, ranging from Bosc pear to walnut husk. There is plenty of character in the mouth, with rustic notes of almonds, wild herbs and a deep savory streak. It shows tension, flavor and contrast.



Champagne, France

Champagne Grand Cru Cuvée Prestige – Due Bicchieri Rossi


In the Avize commune, in the heart of Côte de Blancs, this maison boasts 15 hectares of vineyards all classified as Grand Cru. We are dealing, of course, with a pure Chardonnay, with an excellent Cuvée Prestige. The classic bouquet reveals citron peel, bread crust, gooseberry, chalky sensations and sweet nuances of sugared almonds that blend together in a fragrant and truly pleasing aromatic profile. Fine and creamy bubbles tickle the palate, while carrying mineral and citrusy tension.



Champagne, France

Champagne Blanc des Millénaires '04 – Tre Bicchieri


Unlike many other selections and reserves, the Blanc des Millénaires cuvée is released only in vintages that reveal deep emotions. This is the case of the 2004 vintage that over time is gaining further appreciation. Pure Chardonnay, it offers a nose of rare harmony, with delicious notes of brioche, mountain butter and white pepper. Elegant development between fruit and spices on the palate, ranging from hazelnut to licorice, from delicate toasted and spicy sensations to fresh citrusy and iodine notes. Tailored effervescence, a whiff that pushes salt and flavor into a spine-tingling taste. Simply not to be missed.


By Lorenzo Ruggeri

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