Design. The concept of lightness in the kitchen

Dec 18 2016, 08:00 | by Gambero Rosso

Lightness: an idea, more than a concept tied to real weight, is a favorite theme not only in philosophy and literature, but in the kitchen as well.

Design, function and ease of use can enhance appliances and utensils that are physically heavy and ideally substantial. Also ‘light’: the idea of using indoors equipment usually reserved for outside, such as barbecue.

Multipiastra | Berndes| Gruppo Alluflon | Mondavio (PU) | loc. Pianaccio | tel. 0721 980 278 |

Solid, resistant cast iron, the historic iron-carbon alloy, gives perfect, uniform distribution of heat. In this grill plate designed for lightness, it is also practical and easy to use. Thanks to its nature, the chef can remove a cast iron pan from the stove and finish cooking without heat. A protective internal coating prevents scratches. External enamel can be black or orange. The pan is designed for use on all heat sources: gas, ceramic electric, halogen, glass, induction. In the Multipiastra grill plate, handles are integrated into the body to allow oven use too.

Barberix | Gorex | San Bonifacio (VR) | via Madonna Pellegrina, 28 | tel. 045 6180 054 |

Remember salamanders? Those finishing ovens were standard restaurant equipment. Now, they are used less, but the idea has been upgraded to a new model of indoor (and outdoor) grill, Barberix, designed and produced by Gorex, the iron and steel specialty firm owned by Giuseppe Remonato and Claudio Gobbi. The two men, passionate cooks, built an indoor barbecue grill based on infrared heat. It instantly heats up, cooks from above, avoids smoke and is easy to transport. It is also useful for heating up food or keeping it warm.

Gravity CL | Nimbus group| Stuttgart ||

What weighs less than a wire-free light? Than a mobile lamp? After its experience with Roxanne Fly (a led table lamp without wires) the German group launched Gravity CL, ambience lamps for the living room, kitchen, or studio, without wires. They can be moved easily since they are fixed to walls or ceilings by magnetic supports. The line is making its debut alongside Winglet, a portable lamp, also without wires. This innovative lighting emerged from a project by Rupert Koff, inspired by the ultra-thin structure of smartphones and tablets. Run on rechargeable batteries, they guarantee 100 hours of light.

Extractor 50's style | Smeg| Guastalla (RE) | tel. 0522 8211 ||

Lightness here is largely in the product the appliance gives us, but also in the charming retro look that takes us back to the rounded shapes of the 1950s. The juice extractor today guarantees a pure juice, not oxidized by the heat from excessive pressure. With 43 revolutions per minute, this slow juicer produces a cold-pressed drink resembling a hand-squeezed one. Lightness is built into the design.

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