Design Food. Indoors and outdoors

Nov 20 2016, 08:00 | by Michela Becchi

Dining in or out? Here are some good examples of innovative and original chairs, tables and tools for your meals, some items that are playfully in-out, but also past-future.

Indoors and outdoors are more and more inextricable. The home extends beyond its walls and the landscape comes inside. Here are some items that are playfully in-out, but also past-future.

Mia | Emu | Marsciano (PG) |
Created by visionary Jean Nouvel, Mia is a collection that will become an icon of urban decor. With its minimalist design and formal shapes, Mia chairs and tables are comfortable in every setting, outdoors and indoors, bringing charm and personality to any space. Some are stackable. They are the ideal marriage of design, function and robust structure, for any area of sophisticated simplicity.

Biscuit | Listone Giordano

Biscuit emerged from a collaboration with Patricia Urquiola. The collection returns to the natural decorative vocation of wooden flooring and gives the material a more sinuous design. “Biscuit is a project that develops around a concept of softness. It is characterized by a composition of lines and free forms,” the designer explained. Both for flooring and panels, we are faced with a new idea of parquet.

RETRO | Russell Hobbs | Spectrum Brands Italia srl | Milano 3 | Basiglio (MI) |
Curvy shapes, bright colors and vintage-influenced design are the key elements in RETRO, the new Russell Hobbs breakfast line. This British brand is known for its small, high quality design appliances for the kitchen and home.

Chef de Cuisine | Toncelli | Peccioli (PI) |

The goal is to bring the technology and performance capacities of a professional kitchen into the domestic universe. Chef de Cuisine comes out of a collaboration between this Tuscan firm and chef Emanuele Scarello. It is a module in which everything is at hand – heat, tools, knives, dishes. A base and a tall unit are the foundations of the project, along with a cooking surface, ovens, shelves and more. Everything is right at hand.

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