All the joy of Lambrusco. Medici Ermete & Figli

Nov 22 2016, 08:00 | by Gambero Rosso

Alberto Medici has been travelling all over the world for 30 years, promoting the idea of Lambrusco linked to quality. He was a pioneer of a new concept of growing areas, and the incredible reputation of his wines is the result of what was originally groundbreaking work.

Emilia's wine culture

Lambrusco stands for Emilia’s culture. It embodies the values of its territory, its people and its food”, Alberto said. His Lambrusco bottles are a natural dopamine – they evoke joy, conviviality, sharing. He produces a range of Lambrusco labels that best showcase their differences. The standard bearer of the house is Concerto, a Lambrusco Reggiano (lambrusco salamino): creamy, classic, expressive, elegant fruit and vibrancy on the palate, in a style that over the years has reduced sweetness, increasing finesse. It is a wonderfully pleasant wine at a very low cost. Medici also makes the deep, taut Unique, a classical method sparkling wine which shows a nuanced nose alternating tertiary aromas of hazelnut and absinthe with mineral and salty notes.

Concerto and Korean Barbecue

A curiosity. Concerto goes well with almost everything, from a salami sandwich to grilled meat. “The succulence of the fruit and the bubbles that refresh the palate make it the ideal companion for spicy Asian cuisine. It has been an extraordinary success with Korean barbecue”.

Vertical parallel tastings for vinegar and wine

Medici produces an excellent Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Reggio Emilia and has an estate equipped for visitors, even including a small Lambrusco museum. “The acetaia (where vinegar is made) yearly hosts 6 visitors who can experience a full immersion with vertical tastings, of wines as well, to sample the effects of different wood barrels and aging for even more than 25 years. It is an opportunity for a unique double-barreled voyage into flavor”.



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