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Casa Rago is a lovely, family-run meats producer situated on the hills of Matera, along the Via Appia, on the border with Puglia. Since 2010 they've been part of an effort to recover the Lucanian black pig. Starting with 5 sows and a boar, they've set up a farm that today counts more than 1,500 pigs that live outdoors in wooded environments and are fed naturally, never in a forced way. Slaughtering takes place at no earlier than 12 months of age while processing follows artisanal methods, which confers their cured meats with unique flavors. They produce the entire range of classic Italian charcuterie: prosciuttos that are sent to Parma for curing and cooked hams that are exceptionally delicious (especially the pork shoulder and their sweet-chestnut ham). Casa Rago also created the Artisti del Prosciutto academy to train professionals in hand-cutting raw ham. 

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