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Brezzo was founded just after the end of WWII, in the early 1950s. Since then it has grown exponentially, both in terms of experience and achievement. Today the third generation has brought its skills and ideas to the table in the hopes of expanding the business's future prospects for growth. Their vision is one of adapting to consumer needs and changing tastes, while staying true to Brezzo's deep roots. Their selection of monofloral honeys is impressive (cardoon, strawberry tree, eucalyptus, lavender, sunflower) as are their royal blends (apple, pollens, propolis and royal jelly). Their selection also includes Mielcream (cocoa and Roero honey), Frutta Golosa (fruit conserved in honey), honey candies, organic honey vinegar, acacia honey with truffle, as well as hazelnut and almond honey spreads.

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