Restaurants highlights


Such a brilliant new opening. We consider Antimo Maria Merone one of the most talented Italian chefs abroad, as already proved during his very positive experience at 8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana in Macao and Hong Kong, where last September...

Christmas dried fruit and nuts: walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, figs and dates

From walnuts to almonds, from hazelnuts to dates, baskets full of nuts and dried fruit are present in every Italian home at Christmastime.

La Sfuseria, the new refill shop in Milan

Another niche store has been added to the list of the refill shops in Milan: here is the zero-waste project of La Sfuseria.

Top Italian Restaurants Special Awards 2021

There are more than 700 venues of authentic Italian flavour listed in our Top Italian Restaurants guide. Here is the list of the special awards 2021.

Vini d’Italia 2021. Excellence and trends of a record issue guide

Over 46,000 wines were tasted by several commissions, in the regions and then in Rome for the finals. The highest number of Tre Bicchieri ever assigned and many Due Bicchieri Rossi, which by a hair didn't make the podium. The...

From Asia Inn to Sinosteria: the story of Jun Ge, a Chinese restaurateur in Rome with a passion for wines

The cuisine maintains the original Chinese standards, but the cellar opens up to increasingly heterodox suggestions, of declared natural origin, passing through small and very small producers, labels that are sometimes unavailable, experimental and self-sufficient wine productions. Jun Ge presents...

Food for Soul opens a Refettorio in Lima. Massimo Bottura’s project arrives in Peru

The debut is in September, as an evolution of the Casa de Todos project, born in Lima as a refuge for the homeless during the pandemic. It will involve professional chefs and artists, as is customary for the refectories opened...

Top Italian Restaurants in Moscow

The embargo and import restrictions have mostly effected the French cuisine but not really our cucina italiana. Actually, Italian restaurants in Moscow are surging, especially in term of quality. There's plenty of good choices between fine dining restaurants, casual trattorie...
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