Shin, beer and juniper

Preparation:  The first thing you do is to slap with coarse salt the shin and give it a massage: below, above, beside. Also add some paprika, a mix of sweet paprika and spicy paprika, and smoothly massage it. At this ...Leggi altro

Feb. 16 2021

Garlic Spaghetti

Preparation  Firstly remove a couple of the mega beaks and the booty of the giant garlic. Nick and then crush it. Place it in a pot with boiling water, and start making the base of the aglione pasta. Peal the ...Leggi altro

Feb. 16 2021
Find out more about apple strudel

Apple strudel. History, traditional recipe and tasty variations

Among apple-based desserts, strudel is the one with the most fascinating history. Worthy heir of Turkish baklava, over the centuries it has been "adopted" by the European confectionery tradition and has become one of the symbolic desserts of Trentino Alto ...Leggi altro

Jan. 11 2021
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