Vittorio Castellani

Flavors of Slovenia in 10 dishes

To understand the reason of the recent success of Slovenian cuisine, we went there to try the best food spots. Here are 10 typycal dishes that make Slovenian food great.

Jan. 25 2019

Slovenia is now a food destination

Slovenia is ever increasingly a destination for gourmet tourism, thanks to its attentive government and its great products. Here are the reasons why you should go visit it soon.

Jan. 25 2019

Food trends in Milan. The most interesting are in Chinatown

In the area surrounding via Paolo Sarpi in Milan, is Italy's most important and industrious Chinatown. Now, after an initial immigration period one hundred years, the Chinese community is one of the most solid, boasting advanced gastronomy that's difficult to ...Leggi altro

Nov. 27 2018
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