Flavors of Slovenia in 10 dishes

Jan 25 2019, 10:00 | by Vittorio Castellani
To understand the reason of the recent success of Slovenian cuisine, we went there to try the best food spots. Here are 10 typycal dishes that make Slovenian food great.

Slovenia is an unmissable destination for all the foodies around the world. Great wines and delicious products create a very interesting cuisine that keeps growing year after year. Here are 10 dishes you shouldn't miss while visiting the country.

Sort of bread rolls (or salami) these are one of the most recognizable dishes in the country. The štruklji are prepared with various types of dough and various fillings, and are either baked or boiled, sweet or savoury. They were a ritual and festive dish; the ones filled with draconzio, ricotta, walnuts, apples, poppy seeds are quite popular.

Janška vezivka
A focaccia for the festivals of the villages around Ljubljana (in particular the village of Janče) prepared for those who celebrate name day but also for other anniversaries.

Všenat zelje
Stewed sauerkraut with millet (všenat) reflect the rich tradition of producing top-quality sauerkraut in the surroundings of Ljubljana and the popularity of millet soup as a peasant dish of the past.

Barley is at the base of this nutritious and tasty dish, a unique preparation of meat and vegetables, known throughout Slovenia.

Similarly to the štruklji, potice also is among Slovenia's most characteristic sweets. These are prepared with over 80 different fillings. The "potica" is a typical dessert for parties, made with various types of dough. Among the most characteristic variants, we find those stuffed with draconio, honey, walnuts, poppy seeds, lardons, chives, lovage, ricotta and more.

The expression "toči" includes various types of meat and gulash sauces, in which polenta or bread were dipped ("točti"). These sauces are eaten as an everyday dish that gives life to considerable efforts of inventiveness in the family in using what's available in the pantry.

Frtàlje ali cvrče
Herb omelettes ("frtalje", "cvrtnjaki" or "cvrče") are prepared with countless herbs and spices, but also with raw ham and sausages.

In Brda (Collio), the dialectal expression "kuhnja"refers to a series of tasty soups, prepared with meat, vegetables and pasta.

Kostelske hrge
Potato gnocchi is a typical Kostel dish on the Kolpa river. These are eaten as is, with salad or as a side dish, to accompany stewed game.

Pečena gos ali raca z mlinci in rdečim zeljem
Roast goose or duck with thinly sliced red cabbage is an excellent aromatic combination of three traditional dishes, typically eaten on November 11th, the feast of St Martin, the patron Saint of wine.

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