Emiliano Gucci

Sciacchetrà. Journey on the footsteps of the symbolic wine of the Cinque Terre

Rugged land, wedged between rocks and the sea. Working the fields here is an act of pure heroism and attachment to one's roots. Voilà Sciacchetrà, a sweet, extreme, traditional and precious sweet wine made from native grapes.

Rufina: the most vertical Sangiovese in the Tuscan Chianti Universe

Chianti is a composite mosaic, made of areas and subzones and of different disciplinary areas for quality and specificity. The denomination Rufina is one of the parts of this land puzzle historically suited to the wine that in Sangiovese find...

Wine stories: Vermentino dei Colli di Luni. The best labels according to Vini d'Italia 2018

An area torn carved from woods and pebbles, hills overlooking the sea, millennia of tradition and nature that can hardly be contained and that daily struggles to be approachable. The story of Vermentino. 
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