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Find out more about bolgheri

Bolgheri: in 2020, 6.5 million bottles produced. High expectations for the Bolgheri Bianco

The 2020 production of wineries part of the Bolgheri Consortium, a Tuscan DOC with 1,360 hectares of vineyards and 65 members is 6.53 million bottles (5 more in a year)

Jun. 30 2021
Find out more about Italian recipes with leftovers

The cuisine of leftovers: traditional Italian recipes

Fighting food waste with taste: the most delicious recipes based on leftovers, and our tips for recovering waste.

Jun. 25 2021

Origins and history of Budapest’s ruin bars

Decommissioned and abandoned, the run-down buildings left behind by the Soviet regime have been turned over time into avant-garde clubs. Today, ruin bars are one of Budapest's nightlife hotspots.

Jun. 25 2021

Top Italian Wines Roadshow. Firriato family in the name of sustainability

In the last edition of Vini d'Italia, Firriato winery obtained the Special Prize for Sustainable Viticulture. Here's the story of the company.

Jun. 25 2021

Cassoeula: origin, history and recipe

Every area makes its own version, but all share the same simplicity and use of food waste: here's how cassoeula was born, and how it's made.

Jun. 25 2021
Find out more about potato chips

History of potato chips, from Belgian chips to packaged crisps

Created in Belgium, made famous in America, and now enjoyed everywhere: potato chips know no age or boundaries, they conquer everyone. Here's their origin.

Jun. 24 2021
Find out more about semolina desserts

Semolina-based desserts: recipes from around the world, from the Middle East to Italy

In classic sfogliatelle it's mixed with ricotta but in many countries it's used as the absolute protagonist for desserts boasting unique flavors. Here's how to use semolina in pastry making.

Jun. 23 2021
Find out more about ratatouille

The true story of French ratatouille

It became famous thanks to Pixar's 2007 computer-animated film, but the Provençal stewed vegetable recipe has much older origins. Here's how the famous ratatouille came about.

Jun. 23 2021
Find out more about Alla Casa Vecchia in Pacentro

Coming home. The story of Alla Casa Vecchia in Pacentro (and their cheeses)

Fresh, aged, blue-veined: the goat cheeses from this farm in Pacentro, in the province of L'Aquila, are all good and handcrafted by a local family. A young mountain enthusiast tells the story.

Jun. 22 2021

Popcorn: all about nutritional values, recipes and how to make it at home

Tasty, easy to make, perfect with a good film: popcorn is one of the most beloved snacks of all time. But how was this snack discovered? Here is the history and recipes of popped corn.

Jun. 22 2021
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