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Valtellina Sup. Inferno Guast 2019



VINEYARD | Hell exists and is located in the province of Sondrio. However, it is not exactly as they describe it. We are among the peaks of the Rhaetian Alps, in a largely unspoiled landscape, with vineyards planted on small lands on the mountainside. Product specification at the ready, Inferno is a subzone of the Valtellina Superiore DOCG, east of the province of Sondrio, Lombardy. This wine's grapes come from vines planted in 2005 in the small town of Poggiridenti, between 490 and 510 meters above sea level. Southern exposure and severe slopes: hell is for those who have to work these plots.
PEOPLE | A close-knit couple at the helm: Pierpaolo di Franco and Davide Fasolini, aka Birba and Faso, the 'bad boys' of Lombard wine. Suffice to say that, at their first Tre Bicchieri event, they tasted so many of their colleagues' wines that they lost their award diploma.It all started in 2003, and slowly they have expanded their vineyard surface, by recovering plots and parcels to enhance a range (35 thousand bottles overall) of wines played on great freshness and high drinkability. In their bottles there is the lightness of the mountain air, a good dose of lightheartedness and lots of talent. Organic certification, low yields, and a former stable converted into a winery complete the picture.

WINE | One gets thirsty just looking at the bright and rarefied color, almost rosé-like if it wasn't for the reflections. It's hard to find such a fascinating synthesis of freshness, intensity and purity of fruit, with iodine nuances reminiscent of intense spices and dried flowers. You do not expect such a majestic mouth - the maceration lasts 25 days - severe, essential on the aromatic level but decisive in its grip on the palate, featuring a savory rhythm and hints of licorice, rose and black tea. Very light aromas, firm mouthfeel, to say the least. The finish is airy, balsamic, vivid, still very far from accomplished. Enormous aging potential like all great Nebbiolos. 

a succulent roast guinea fowl with, if available, mushrooms on the side.


rated on 12/04/2022


Wine type
Valtellina Superiore
€ 38,00
966 bottles
Nebbiolo 100%
24 months in wood-barrel
12 months in glass
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