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Pinot Nero Ecce Draco 2021

Emilia Romagna


VINEYARD | Located in the Tramazzo valley, one of the three valleys of Modigliana where Giorgio Melandri grows his grapes. In this case it is a small vineyard of about twenty years, at 600 metres above sea level. It was planted by oenologist Francesco Bordini on behalf of a South Tyrolean who decided to buy land on the Apennines, who passed away last year. The implant was made with cuttings of Burgundy genetics designed to give subtle colour discharge, despite the fact that in those years there was still an opposite trend. The rows are in the middle of the woods, the soils are rich in sandstone, the temperature range is notable (we are talking about one of the highest vineyards in all of Romagna): all this leads to a unique microclimate, which is found entirely in the glass.

PERSON | Giorgio Melandri is the creator of Mutiliana, a wine making project aimed at enhancing all the peculiarities of the Sangiovese grape in the little big Modigliana sub-area, within the Romagna Doc. His sensitivity and knowledge of the world of wine (he was for years a taster of the Vini d'Italia Guide) led him to bottle three crus of Sangiovese, a symbol of the three valleys of the area. The red range is completed by Ecce Draco, a pure Pinot Noir that best expresses all the characteristics of the great grape variety in the Romagna Apennines. Giorgio strongly believes in the different territorial expressions and demonstrates this through the production of authentic wines, of great drinkability and elegance, never predictable and of great character, despite the finesse in all labels.

WINE | Some sensations are felt from the moment the wine is poured into the glass. The colour is pale, but luminous and already portends what it will lend to nose and mouth. It opens with small berries, continues with a very delicate, very elegant spicy touch, and then ends with beautiful floral notes of pink and purple. Notes that tell a good story of a mountain red, the result of cold climate, but never harsh or grumpy. Elegance, class, finesse dominate and the great confirmation comes from the sip: acidity is well integrated with the material and gives freshness and energy; the flavour is not far behind and acts as a counterbalance to a thin material, but never too thin, or weak, rather creamy and of great flavour.

beef tartare, red tuna tataki


rated on 29/07/2022


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Emilia Romagna
€ 24,00
2000 bottles
Pinot nero 100%
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