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Marcalberto S. R. 2012

sparkling white


VINEYARD | The cellar is located in Santo Stefano Belbo and the vineyards from which this very particular Cuvée is created are located between the small towns of Cossano Belbo and Canosso. More than a single vineyard, in this case we are talking about a rigorous selection of bunches from several plots (60% is Pinot Noir, 40% is Chardonnay) which grow at altitudes ranging from 300 to 550 metres. In all, the cellar has just under ten hectares. The soils are mostly calcareous, silty and there is no shortage of sand and tuff. All this is essential to guarantee that the Marcalberto wines boast elegance and complexity, tension and depth.

PERSONS | Marcalberto, i.e. Marco and Alberto. The company name derives from the names of the Cane brothers, young owners of the winery and sons of Piero, an excellent oenologist who founded the business in the Nineties. We are talking about a true boutique winery entirely dedicated to Classic Method which, not surprisingly, finds its production symbol in a beautiful Marmonnier Coquard, a press used in the most authentic Champenoise tradition. The vinification site is located a few steps from the historic cellar, a 19th century residence that now houses the barrels for ageing and a small but charming tasting room.


WINE | The vintage is 2012 and we remember it well since the Cuvée then disgorged in 2017 obtained the Tre Bicchieri and the special Bubbles of the Year award in the 2018 Guide. Perhaps, also back then came the intuition. Leaving a small batch of bottles of that vintage on the lees for more than nine years, to then make a "Recent Disgorgement." So it was and now we can enjoy a bottle made in very small numbers, but of absolute quality. A quality guaranteed not only by the balance, harmony and taste-olfactory complexity, but also by the thought of time which takes us back more than ten years and makes us experience a wine still in its full youth, with primary notes in evidence between white flowers, citrus and mountain herbs. Then, slowly, the tertiary notes also arrive to add charm and particularity. The resins, the hints of roast, the fragrances of nuts and dried fruits. The mouth is present and everything is in place. There is tension, given by a textbook acidity, there is depth, thanks to the salty finish, there is an impeccable symmetry between the body of the wine and the bubbles that accompany the whole sip.

Milanese osso buco with saffron risotto


rated on 27/01/2023


Wine type
sparkling white
€ 80.00
250 bottles
Pinot nero 60%
Chardonnay 40%
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