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Garaunele 1920 2020


VINEYARD | There are crus, the lieu-dit, the geographical units as well as additional geographical mentions. And then there is sas ghiradas. Yes, that's right: even the village of Mamoiada, through the Mamojà producers association, has created its own classification of vineyards, especially to enhance the decade-old historical plots. 1920 Ghirada Garaunele is even something more. Small section of the Garaunele, this vineyard was planted little more than a century ago and the name 1920 is there to prove it. We are talking about one hectare at 650 meters above sea level, cultivated exclusively with bush-trained Cannonau grapes. Soil rich in skeleton, resulting from the granite disintegration and a unique microclimate, with strong thermal excursions that influence the grapes and the glass.

PEOPLE | "1920 Ghirada Garaunele is our tribute to our roots and to the work of our ancestors, those who with dedication, sacrifice and foresight have passed on to us the passion for our territory and for the Mamoiada viticulture," tell us Giorgio Gaia and Piercarlo Sotgiu. Both partners and owners of this small artisan reality, they decided a few years ago to start bottling a production that until then had been sold exclusively in bulk. Vinzas Artas means ‘high vineyards' and clearly refers to the plots of land that are located more than 650 meters above sea level in the middle of the Barbagia region. Five hectares overall, cultivated with passion by Giorgio and Piercarlo, in order to get sincere and authentic wines, true mirror of the vineyards they come from.

WINE | This is a wild-fermented wine that uses native yeasts in small open containers, then only brief marc pressing and aging for a year in wooden barrels. 1920 Garaunele is the result of simple and artisan practices, aimed at letting nature speak for itself for what it has done in the vineyard. About 600 bottles were produced in 2020. It is reminiscent of Mediterranean scrub, the red fruit mingles with touches of dried rose, hints of cocoa, dark citrus and bitter herbs. The taste is creamy, the tannin delicate, soft and ripe. The acidic freshness is capable of pushing the sip in depth, thus lending finesse and elegance, despite its great strength. A wine of great character that expresses to perfection the terroir of Mamoiada and its ancient vines.

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rated on 27/03/2022
rated on 2022


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Cannonau 100%
12 months in Tonneau
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