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Friuli Morus Alba 2020

Friuli Venezia Giulia


VINEYARD | Morus Alba celebrates the union of two grapes (Istrian Malvasia and the historic Friulian Sauvignon) with two vineyards. The first variety, used for 60%, comes from the Da Duline vineyards, a toponym that identifies the oldest plots of the estate, which date back to the early twentieth century. We are talking about four hectares in all left to Lorenzo Mocchiutti, the current owner, by his great-grandfather. The Sauvignon, on the other hand, comes from Ronco Pitotti, a unique and exciting place where vineyards, woodlands and meadows in bloom chase each other. A true example of biodiversity. Here Lorenzo rents a vineyard of about two hectares divided into small parcels where he produces single-varietals and the historic Friulian sauvignon that completes the blending of Morus Alba.

PERSON | Lorenzo Mocchiutti and his wife Federica Magrini are the Vignai Da Duline. Their journey as winemakers began in the late 1990s when they began to tend to the few historic hectares bequeathed and planted in the early 1900s by Lorenzo's great-grandfather. Certified organic farming has been practised here since 1992, but what matters most is the vision that the couple has regarding viticulture. Everything passes through respect for the soil and individual parcels and for enhancement of the cultivated grape varieties. The manual work takes into account the entire ecosystem, in the cellar the practices are simple and aimed only at bringing distillates from the individual vineyards into the bottle. In addition, the winery is known for the Chioma Integrale, a name which among other things is given to one of their wines: it is the choice not to clip the vines in order to protect the plant in a natural way from unnecessary stress, leaving to the fruit the possibility to express itself in all its concentration.

WINE | Two parcels, two grape varieties, a great white that manages to combine thickness, pulp and fruit and a gustatory tension with textbook salinity. The grapes undergo pre-fermentation maceration, the fermentation is spontaneous and the ageing is done in used barriques and tonneaux for about 11 months. The wine remains on the lees until blending, to then refine in steel and be subsequently bottled. The nose is multifaceted, complex, rich: there is yellow fruit, a spicy touch, wild flowers and some nuances that recall noble resins. The palate envelops and caresses the mouth, the structure is not lacking, but it is the extension that amazes the most. It is a mix of salt and acidic freshness, both perfectly integrated with the material and capable of offering a very long and clean finish. A truly enjoyable wine now, but which will be able to offer its best in a few years.  

seafood soup or fresh goat cheeses


rated on 12/02/2023


Wine type
Friuli Colli Orientali DOC
Friuli Venezia Giulia
€ 35.00
1782 bottles
Malvasia istriana 60%
Sauvignon 40%
11 months in barrique
9 months in glass
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