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Doro Bè 2017

sweet red


VINEYARD | The clusters of magliocco are selected on the plant from two different vineyards, Vigna Vecchia planted almost thirty years ago, and the more recent Vigna Nuova. Bunches are left to dry on the plant until the end of September, and then further dry for an additional three months in the loft and on racks before being made into wine. The must is then left to ferment in 55-litre kegs together with the so-called "mother" and after the very long fermentation, left to further age for five to seven years, in 55-litre sealed barrels, until it is finally ready for bottling.

PERSON | We've known Roberto Ceraudo for a breadth of time sufficient to affirm that he not only is a great winemaker, but also a visionary entrepreneur, gifted with an extraordinary practical sense and humble stubbornness. This may sound like an oxymoron but it is not, so much so that he has made his dream of a lifetime come true. The dream is Dattilo, a beautiful family-run winery, where his children Susi, Giuseppe and Caterina work with him. The former in Calabria certified organic and completely biodynamic for a decade, inside which, in addition to a delightful rural resort, there is also the award-winning restaurant by the same name, with daughter Caterina in the kitchen.

WINE | In the glass, black coffee emerges, impenetrable but brilliant, no shyness to the nose that is clear, refined and complex in tones of withering, sultanas, dried flowers, medicinal herbs, Asian spices and balms, Cuban tobacco, candied red citrus fruits and chocolate covered dried figs. Very elegant on the palate, dense, concentrated, sweet but well supported by acidity, while the sip is taut but velvety in the tannic component, recalls aromas of coffee, hazelnut, honey and caramel; the finish is very long and of rare persistence with a delicate balsamic return.

calabrian almond cookies or a seasoned Castelmagno cheese


rated on 20/07/2022


Wine type
sweet red
€ 47,00
1000 bottles
Magliocco 100%
120 months in wood-barrel
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