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Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo Tauma 2021



VINEYARD | The grapes for this signature rosé come from three estate vineyards. The first two take us to the slopes of the Maiella Mountains in the municipality of Tocco da Casauria, in the province of Pescara, Abruzzo. The third plot looks out over the Adriatic from a hillside in Silvi Marina, in the province of Teramo. Chemicals are banned in the vineyard, the winery is organic certified, and the grapes ferment in exhausted barriques, then go into steel. Tauma knows no stabilization, the only final addition being a minimal dose of sulfur dioxide.
PEOPLE | It all started out as a passion. But wine is a very dangerous passion. Giuliano Pettinella is a lawyer from the Marche region, with parents from Abruzzo; for years he made his own wine at home, and in 2010 he set off with the marketing of his Tauma, Vino Rosato until 2020. A Montepulciano d'Abruzzo wine, pulled in the same quantity of bottles,  joined him in 2019. As gentle and mild character, to say the least manic in the workings in the vineyard and cellar, he has a delicate in the winemaking. "I have to say that wine is taking up more and more of my time, which I am now taking away from the profession of law." The wine world, insiders know well, is a one-way street. 
WINE | The color is from red, or nearly so, from missed red, intense and bright. We care very little about the hues. What strikes us is a layered drinkability with remarkable aromatic evolution. The 2021 was a particularly hot and dry vintage, but the wine knows how to maintain a rigorous profile, with the fruit always on the trace, in a slow progression of spicy tones, coffee, then cherry and pomegranate. The palate is creamy and then grows importantly into an almost spicy finish, then bittersweet, then beautifully savory, but also warm and enveloping. Food-friendly in its finest sense.

pappardelle pasta with duck ragù or pizza with cherry tomatoes and green chilies


rated on 07/06/2022


Wine type
Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo
€ 25,00
2500 bottles
Montepulciano 100%
5 months in barrique
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