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VINEYARD | If the Cru is Badde Nigolosu, Dettori is a Clos, a single vineyard enclosed by dry stone walls. The wine that bears the name of the producer comes from a few rows cultivated with alberello training system. It is undoubtedly the most representative label of the range coming from Sennori, a small town in Romangia; a very small Igt, which in a better system should be a DOCG, but that's another story. The Dettori vineyard is one of the most beautiful on the estate and one of the oldest. Small alberello bushes that have their roots in the subsoil, feeding the grapes thanks to marly and calcareous particles and a Mediterranean climate, mitigated by the winds that come from the sea. The vineyards are interspersed with maquis, olive trees, strawberry trees, myrtle, prickly pears and many other shrubs. Everything is then punctuated by dry stone walls, which surround the vineyards and create a unique rural landscape, where the hand of man leaves the mark of farming culture.

PERSON |  Alessandro Dettori immediately had clear ideas on how to produce his wine. "We do not follow the market, we produce wines that we like, wines of our culture, wines of the Romangia of Sorso Sennori. They are what they are and not what you want them to be." A phrase that explains very well the philosophy of the Dettori winery. Taking a small step back: Paolo, Alessandro's father - who passed away prematurely a short time ago, our thoughts go to him - produced wine and sold it in demijohns. The first bottles came in the early Eighties. Alessandro started taking care of the company in the late Nineties and created an artisan reality capable of putting nature, its vineyards and only the grapes they produced at the centre. In the cellar few operations take place, no use of oak but only concrete. What emerges is something unique, inimitable, fascinating: a true mirror of what nature produces. In addition, the belief that wine is a living matter, which evolves and changes. It is no coincidence that on each label we read the words: "each bottle must be different."

WINE | Rule number one. Drink it at 14°C, not warmer. You will appreciate the best aromas and flavours, but above all the details and depth. The colour is a beautiful opaque ruby and the nose is a true immersion in Mediterranean maquis: myrtle, mastic, but also helichrysum (which is usually found in white wines) and then orange peel, touches of bitter, a fungal trait and bark. It is a wine that does not do any oak, but stays for more than four years in concrete, then in the bottle. The mouth is surprising for its texture: soft, creamy, almost chewable, but of impeccable freshness. The rhythm is given by an alternation of acidic freshness, pinches of heat that is always well managed and a sweet, gentle, graceful tannin. The finish is crackling: the maquis returns to mark the aromatic part, and the salty length lends textbook depth.

stewed wild boar with Mediterranean herbs


rated on 09/06/2022
rated on 2022


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Cannonau 100%
24 months in cement
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