Wine Travel Food

Wine Travel Food - December 2019

Naturally at the end of the year, we take stock of the previous twelve months. In the December 2019 issue of Wine Travel Food you will find all the best personalities, foods, wines, kitchen items of the year.

Wine Travel Food - October 2019

It's time for Gambero Rosso's guides. Top Italian Restaurants 2020 and Vini d'Italia 2020 are now available, but there is more in the latest issue of Wine Travel Food.

Wine Travel Food - September 2019

From pink wines to ginger beer, here are all the news on food and wine in our latest issue of Wine Travel Food.

Wine Travel Food - July and August 2019

Great recipes by Sicilian chef Martina Caruso, a view on the Italian craft beer world and much more on our new Wine Travel Food issue.

Wine Travel Food - June 2019

The Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi is experiencing one of the magic moments of its history. To find out more about Verdicchio Boys, here is our Wine Travel Food, with lots of news about food and wine from all over...

Wine Travel Food - May 2019

From the Northern white wines to the Asian wine market, from young sommeliers to the top Italian restaurants in the world: here are all the latest news on food and wine.

Wine Travel Food - April 2019

History and evolution of club sandwich, Mauro Uliassi's idea of cuisine, top Italian restaurants in the world and so much more in our latest Wine Travel Food.

Wine Travel Food - March 2019

It's Vinitaly time: how the world sees the event? We asked 6 international journalists about the fiftieth edition. And then again, Matera, the European Capital of Culture 2019, with its great products and traditional recipes. All the latest news from...

Wine Travel Food - February 2019

The use of terracotta in wine making, verticals by Ferrari and Masi, natural wines from Sweden and Denmark and much more: here's everything you can find in our Wine Travel Food from January.

Wine Travel Food - December 2018

Natural wines from Slovenia, Christmas markets, travels, Champagne and more: here are the latest food and wine news from the world.
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