Starbucks has opened in the heart of Rome

Starbucks in the centre of Rome: coffee shop opens in May near Montecitorio. At last, the wait is over: Starbucks is about to open its doors in the heart of the Italian capital, in a space that extends on three...

From teahouse to Starbucks. The group’s new coffeehouse is in a historic machiya

A new Starbucks branch in Japan wants to promote the history and the design of Kyoto's temples. Here's the whole story.

Coffees – Italians do it better the first ever documentary on the opening of Starbucks in Italy

It’s now more than official: Starbucks Reserve will open in Milan, in piazza Cordusio, in 2018. The wait is fervent. What are the thoughts on this by the Italian coffee-expert community? And the expats? A documentary inquires on the US...

Princi bread for Starbucks: the new alliance with the US brand and a shop in Seattle in 2017

The alliance between Howard Schultz and Rocco Princi confirms the renowned coffee chain’s attention in regards to Italy, where Starbucks will land in 2017 in Milan. Meanwhile Princi bread will be sold in the most prestigious Starbucks stores and in...
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