World breakfasts. Portugal: pastel de Nata, torrada, galão, queijadas de Sintra

The Portuguese morning breakfast alternates sweet and savoury delicacies, from the famous pastel de nata to the lesser known (but equally delicious) torradas. Here are the most popular dishes for breakfast and a tasty recipe that can be recreated at ...Leggi altro

Jul. 02 2021

Michelin Guide Spain and Portugal 2021: 3 new Two Stars, but no Three Stars

The presentations of the Michelin guide continue and it's the turn of Spain and Portugal: here are the results.

Dec. 17 2020

Portugal’s wine market: estimated loss of 50% in sales

Coronavirus has been having very serious consequences for the entire wine sector in Portugal. Here a quick analysis of sales.

May. 28 2020
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