plastic free

Nomacorc Ocean:the first plastic cap recycled from the oceans

It's called Nomacorc Ocean and it's the latest sustainability project from Vinventions. The Sicilian label Donnafugata was chosen for the worldwide launch.

Why is water sold in a carton not the solution to fight plastic

Many ideas have emerged in recent months to reduce the use of disposable plastic, including water sold in cartons. But is it really the answer?

The idea of Garbage Cafè, hailing from India: free food in exchange for plastic and polluting waste

The restaurant, destined to feed the less affluent for free, will also serve to raise awareness among the local population on the importance of recycling: here's the new Garbage Cafè in India.

Brasserie 2050: zero-waste restaurant in the Netherlands

Zero waste is the philosophy behind a news sustainable restaurant built in Netherlands. Its name is Brasserie 2050 and it's a revolutionary format which promotes a real eco-friendly lifestyle.
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