Lake Garda

Giuseppe D’Aquino, from Lake Garda to the world

Giuseppe D’Aquino is a chef from southern Italy, but he breathed in a great deal of French and American air before settling in the hills that dominate Lake Garda. At the wine resort, Villa Cordevigo, he leads the kitchens of...

Recipes from Great Chefs. Stefano Baiocco: the Lake and all its colours

International experiences with top-ranking chefs and a broad-ranging knowledge of techniques and trends empower Stefano Baiocco in his splendid Villa Feltrinelli. He uses them to convey the emotions and sensations, tactile and visual, that he finds in his daily contact...

Travel: Lake Garda, fine dining lakeside

Now is the best time to travel to Italy’s largest lake to avoid crowds seeking respite from the summer heat. An ideal time for scouting out the local dining scene, gliding on the water, from one shore to the next.
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