Italian regional cuisine

Focaccias & Co. 7 Sicilian specialties and a sfincione recipe

Thick and soft, or thin and crisp; stuffed with anchovies or sausage, oozing local cheeses and added with elderflowers or fennel pollen. 7 classic Sicilian focaccias and a recipe for sfincione courtesy of Osteria Ballarò.

Jul. 06 2017

Regional cuisine: Alphabetical guide to the foods of Calabria

[caption id="attachment_128160" align="alignnone" width=""]Prodotti tipici calabresi[/caption] The region owns strong identity, expressed with aromas and colors belonging to soil and sea reflected in traditional dishes. The cuisine is pastoral-inspired, enriched over time with delicate nuances and striking contrasts. In our ...Leggi altro

Oct. 11 2016
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