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Top Italian Restaurants in San Diego

Everybody wants to move to San Diego. Why? Because of the relaxed atmosphere, the perfect climate, the beauty, the restaurant scene. When it comes to Italian food, San Diego has a lot to offer. Check our growing selection.


CUCINA urbana

Cucina Urbana is a winning concecpt. It's a restaurant and a wine shop, a proper place for an aperitivo, a small plate, a crispy pizza...
San Diego 
$ 30.0

Buona Forchetta

Neapolitan style pizza and wine. Buona Forchetta has multiple locations in town but a consistent quality. As a starter we suggest some mouth watering pizzelle...
San Diego 
$ 30.0

Civico 1845

Brilliant duo of southern Italian flair Dario Gallo and Pietro Gallo, offer a creative and interesting cuisine. Pietro Gallo, chef primum inter pares of Civico...
San Diego 
$ 50.0


Located in an out of the way residential zone far from downtown, Solare is famous for its care for ingredients and the focus on regional...
San Diego 
$ 60.0
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