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Civico 1845

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Brilliant duo of southern Italian flair Dario Gallo and Pietro Gallo, offer a creative and interesting cuisine. Pietro Gallo, chef primum inter pares of Civico 1845, hasalso created a vegan Italian menu that’s completely plant based, featuring classics such as vegan lasagna, with perfectly textured pasta sheets made only with semolina and flour. The vegan ragout is made not with common seitan, rather “meat” obtained by pea protein, that’s served with a rice milk béchamel. When it comes to meat, we suggest the meatball in Neapolitan ragù. Meals may end with the vegan "tartufo di pizzo" dessert. This top Italian quality served in California is the creation of Massimo Arcella, the youngest in a family of gelato makers from Pizzo Calabro, a delicacy that’s hard to find anywhere else in the United States. The wine list is brilliant, with a proper selection available by the glass and many boutique Italian wineries, ranging from elegant Rossese to striking Nebbiolo.


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