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Top Italian Restaurants in Prague

More and more Italians are deciding to move to Prague. And we totally get that. Among the many plusses, locals can count on an excellent local dining scene with the fine Italian cuisine, pizzas baked according to Neapolitan regulations and wine lists capable of tempting even the world’s biggest beer consumers.


Pizza Nuova

A place with a modern and warm atmosphere where wood panelling and dark colours embellish the room. The menu ranges from appetizers in which imported...
Kč 400.0


Roberto Lucque is a tireless promoter of fine Italian cuisine in the Czech Republic, thanks to different but always effective, well-established, highly successful venues. Aromi...
Kč 1500

Kogo Slavic House

In a very central street of Prague, near the Powder Tower, friendly chef Jovo, a Czech Republic native, is an explosive mixture of Mediterranean affability,...
Kč 800.0

La Finestra

The menu highlight is meat - especially from the Marches - but that's not all. La Finestra offers a range of dishes based on highly...
Kč 900.0
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