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Maionese al curry


This well-crafted sauce, prepared fresh in a separate Piedmontese laboratory, draws on sunflower seed oil, 11% pasteurized egg, 5% Valle d'Aosta apple vinegar, sugar, lemon juice, 2.5% curry, turmeric, salt, corn starch, and sorbic acid (as a preservative). To the eye it comes across as an authentic product, supple and artisanal, with the flavoring spices endowing a characteristic, bright yellow color. To the nose it's full-bodied and characterful, with curry (especially turmeric) taking the lead. In the mouth it's sweet, spicy, and slightly hot, with green vegetal notes of "masala" and a balsamic touch of cardamom lending freshness. The aftertaste is clean and quite pleasant. It can also be purchased online.

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