Leporati is a top industrial producers of Prosciutto di Parma in several different lines: alongside the standard, with a minimum 16 months ageing, there are Ouverture (minimum 18 months ageing), and Riserva, an uncertified niche ham matured at length. Thigh joints are used from heavy pigs born, raised and butchered in Italy, compliant with the PDO Consortium regulations. Most of the production processes are carried out manually (salting, finishing, piercing, and pork fat application), while machines are used for manipulation and washing. The meat is dried in temperature-controlled chambers and aged in semi-underground cellars with wooden shelves. The company also produces Felino salami, culatello, coppa di Parma and rolled pancetta. Leporati Prosciutti Langhirano Spa exports to various parts of the world.

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