Innocenzo Fiorucci was from a Norcia family of butchers and cured meat producers. In 1915 the family moved to Rome and gradually set up a chain of pork butchers, renowned throughout the city. In 1950 Cesare Fiorucci created Industria Romana Carni e Affini, IRCA, to bring together artisan tradition and industrial production to protect product quality. In 1975 the Fiorucci brand was officially created, with the small Norcinetto salami, the first product to be sold throughout Italy. In the 1980s investments were made to update technology and expand business abroad. In 2011 Fiorucci became part of leading meat processor, the Campofrio Food group. Today there are five different product lines: Cinque Stelle, Suprema, Amarsi d+ (gluten-free charcuterie with reduced fat and salt), Rostello and Naturissimo (without chemical additives). In 2013 Fiorucci was bought by Chinese company Shuanghui International Holdings, the largest Asian pork production business.

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