Wine Spectator Effect: the price of Argiano's 2018 Brunello skyrockets (and collectors fight over it)

Nov 25 2023, 17:01
Wine Spectator had an effect on the prices of Tuscan wine, which, after being crowned the best in the world, claims the top spot in the secondary market according to the Liv-ex index

A new triumph for Argiano's 2018 Brunello. Upon news of claiming the top spot in Wine Spectator's list of the best wines in the world (Wine Spectator's best wine), collectors went into a frenzy. The result? In the week of November 10-16, the Tuscan wine also secured the first place among the top-selling wines (by volume) in the secondary market, as indicated by the trends on the Liv-ex platform. Purchase price? £690 (approximately €790) for a case of 12 bottles.


Also making the list is the 2025 vintage of Argiano's Brunello. But the Wine Spectator effect doesn't stop there. The 2015 vintage of the same wine ranks fourth among the most traded within the same chart with a more moderate price (£344 for 12 bottles). The third spot is taken by Château Lynch-Bages 2020 (the only non-Tuscan present in the top 5), also among Wine Spectator's top choices.

The rest of the top five features Tuscan wines, with the second position held by Antinori's Tignanello 2020 (£1,160) and the fifth by Bolgheri Sassiccaia Tenuta San Guido 2019. The latter, reaching an impressive amount of £2,450 (€2,806), claims the first spot in the chart for the most valuable wines traded during the week.

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