Wine of the month: Guiry 2016 Tenuta Biodinamica Mara

May 7 2019, 12:07 | by Gambero Rosso
Mature aromas, floral notes and a full-flavoured palate with a good acidity: here's the Guiry 2016 by Tenuta Biodinamica Mara.

The wine of the month takes us to San Clemente, in the province of Rimini. We were literally bewitched by the retaste of this pure Sangiovese that aged for 16 months in large barrels. Giordano Emendatori's passion as at the base of this extraordinary project, dedicated to his wife Mara.

Sustainability in Tenuta Biodinamica Mara

This was made possible thanks to painstaking care and an attentive eye towards sustainability, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, where biodynamic principals prevail. And both their architectural approach and the facility demonstrate great sensitivity to the environment and aesthetic principals.

The wines by Tenuta Biodinamica Mara

Their original wines consistently prove to be personal and intriguing, and full of flavour. While awaiting their flaghsip wine, which is still aging, we enjoyed, again, another 100% Sangiovese, a splendid 2016 Guiry.

Guiry 2016: Tasting notes

It offers up delectable, mature aromas, with no lack of fresh and floral notes, hints of spices and medicinal herbs. The palate comes through supple and full-flavoured with good supporting acidity. It's dry, reviving, full of edges and flavour: a wonderful gastronomic wine. It embodies delectable taste, character and exceptional drinkability. And it costs very little considering the value in the glass. The wonderful 2016 vintage strikes again.

Wine details

Guiry 2016

Tenuta Biodinamica Mara

14 euros ex cellar price

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