Wine buy of the month: Barbaresco Basarin 2016 by Marco and Vittorio Adriano

Sep 13 2019, 10:24 | by Gambero Rosso
Freshness and finess, notes of watermelon and raspberry: here's Barbaresco Basarin 2016 by Marco and Vittorio Adriano.

In recent years, prices in the Langhe have undergone an extraordinary surge, applying to both the wines and the land, increasingly sought after by international investors. It's increasingly difficult to drink well at an affordable price, but there are wonderful exceptions. One of these is represented by the virtuous cellar of brothers Marco and Vittorio Adriano, based in San Rocco Seno d'Elvio, a few kilometers from Alba and Barbaresco.

Marco and Vittorio Adriano

The style developed by Marco and Vittorio prefers detail to power, large barrels instead of barriques, thus obtaining a truly valuable aromatic precision for those in love with pure, rigorous, austere nebbiolo, with gentle extractions, plus subtle, elegant flavour traits. The result of this is a classic and light profile, of great pleasure. In the vineyard the work is carried out with great respect for the environment, for a healthy and sustainable viticulture. The price policy is among the most contained of the area. Voilà the wine of the month.

Tasting notes

There is all the freshness and finesse of the glorious 2016 vintage in the Barbaresco Basarin, with a berry that is nothing short of fragrant, with notes of watermelon and raspberry, embellished with tones of china root and licorice; fine and complex on the palate, it closes long and vital, with a progression of great nature and character. The last suggestion is extremely fresh: excellent today, it holds a glorious future ahead.

Price and pairings

In Italian wine shops it is sold at about 25 Euro (18 euros ex-cellar), with an advantageous value for money. Its ideal match? We tried it on a simple and fragrant pizza with mushroom, and we would be happy to repeat the experiment.

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